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Pei En Thong

Pei En Thong is the Marketing Team Lead for PerfectMind. She completed her B.Com in Marketing at the University of British Columbia, which sparked her enthusiasm for content creation and sharing. When not cooking or posting a #foodgram, you’ll find her exploring BC’s scenic routes, enjoying live music, or reading work that keeps her inspired.

Recent Posts

Feature Focus: Adding Members to a Family Account

Ever wished you could group contacts together and easily identify their relationships to each other? With PerfectMind's family account feature, you can add family members to shared accounts, enabling them to share membership credits and cash rewards, create a family login, and view everyone's information from a single account page.

Feature Focus: Adjust Multiple Punch Pass Entries at Once

Nobody likes line-ups and long waits, especially at the gym. Save your customers and staff time when checking in groups of people using punch pass memberships, by adjusting multiple punch pass entries at one time.

Perfect Partners: Highlands Ranch Community Association

Situated 12 miles south of the Denver metropolitan area, Highlands Ranch, Colorado, is ranked as one of the most progressive master-planned communities in the United States. 


Feature Focus: Reverse a Completed Payment

We’re only human. Sometimes, we make a mistake when processing a transaction. With PerfectMind, instead of refunding a payment, you can easily reverse a payment instead.

Feature Focus: Set Item-Specific Rules for Subsidies

Making recreational programs available to all the socio-economic classes of your community is important in enriching the lives of all the members you support. 

Subsidies, a core part of financial assistance for your parks and recreation department, helps include all members of the community in your programming. 

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