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Established in 2000, PerfectMind is an industry-leading cloud-based member management software provider. Its robust Platform as a Service (PaaS) offering helps companies and organizations of all sizes manage their operations, marketing and finance functions, simply, efficiently and effectively. The company has more than 5,000 customers in 21 countries in North America, Australia and Europe in verticals such as health and wellness, education and the service industry.
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Recent Posts

Announcing New PayPal Integration

PerfectMind is excited to announce a new partnership with PayPal. By enabling organizations to offer another secure form of payment, members can easily checkout online using their existing PayPal accounts. 


Promoting Active Living at your Parks and Rec Organization

Maintaining an active lifestyle can be challenging, for many people, but we all know the positive benefits of being active. With heart disease being the leading cause of death, an active lifestyle can do wonders for a community’s well-being and longevity. There are a few things parks and recreation organizations can do, when it comes to inspiring the communities they serve and helping to increase their physical activity levels.

Selling More Fitness Memberships through Motivation

Motivation guides our behavior. Gym owners know this, as they see membership rates fluctuate, partly due to changes in their clients’ motivation levels. One classic example of this is session and sign-up numbers during first week of January numbers, versus the last week of February.

Using Dance Competition to Grow your Studio

Dance competitions are a great place for dancers to showcase their talent, while meeting other dancers and growing their community. Dance studios looking for dance school marketing ideas have a number of potential avenues to pursue, including hosting dance competitions.


New Features Release March 2017

The PerfectMind development team has been hard at work to bring you features to help attract new members, connect your community and keep your business running efficiently. The features below started rolling out to BETA users in February and will roll out to all live users in March.

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