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Established in 2000, PerfectMind is an industry-leading cloud-based member management software provider. Its robust Platform as a Service (PaaS) offering helps companies and organizations of all sizes manage their operations, marketing and finance functions, simply, efficiently and effectively. The company has more than 5,000 customers in 21 countries in North America, Australia and Europe in verticals such as health and wellness, education and the service industry.
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New Features Release June 2017

The PerfectMind development team has been hard at work to bring you features to help attract new members, connect your community and keep your business running efficiently. The features below have rolled out to BETA users and will roll out to all live users in June. Click on thumbnails for expanded views and browse through the help files to learn more about each feature.

The All-in-One Facility: How Multipurpose Recreation Facilities Succeed

Recreation facilities serve many purposes within the communities they serve. They provide a safe, positive space for your community to get active and meet others. For some recreation facilities, there are many other uses that go over and above the programs traditionally provided.

Supporting Seniors in Community Programming

You can tell a lot about a community by how they treat their senior citizens. It’s important to take care of the elderly; many of them have spent a large part of their lives raising children and grandchildren, taking care of their communities, and some may have employed people and provided them with a living wage.

What PerfectMind Clients Should Know About the WannaCry Ransomware Attack

Over the weekend of May 12th, 2017 the WannaCry Ransomware attack was reported in 150 countries, devastating an approximated 150,000 computers. The malware locks a user out of their own computer by encrypting their data until a ransom fee is paid, rendering the user's system useless and inaccessible otherwise.


How do I Optimize my Rec Center Website for Search Engines?

Search engine optimization is one of the key factors in boosting your brand’s visibility on the Internet. With over 6,500,000,000 global searches every day – and over three-quarters of Americans owning a smartphone – search engines have become an important area of focus for a business’s marketing plan.

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