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CRD Board Approves Award of Recreation Software Contract

Victoria, BC- The Capital Regional District (CRD) has approved the award of a five year contract for recreation management software.

The existing recreation management software used by Panorama Recreation, Seaparc Recreation and Salt Spring Island Parks and Recreation reaches its end of life in December 2017 after which it will no longer be supported by the vendor. A regional working group consisting of members from the District of Oak Bay, District of Saanich, City of Victoria, West Shore Parks and Recreation Society, the Township of Esquimalt, and the CRD was formed to meet public sector procurement policies and reduce duplication of effort. The resulting Request for Proposal (RFP) was administered by the City of Victoria.


“By working together we were able to gain efficiencies in the procurement process and leverage revenues to obtain maximum discounts resulting in annual cost savings for the CRD of approximately $39,500 and $200,000 over the life of the five year contract,” said Barbara Desjardins, CRD Board Chair.


PerfectMind software, a British Columbia company, was selected as the successful proponent. PerfectMind provides an intuitive and flexible software, mobile access, online registration for programs and services, with additional marketing opportunities through social media.

Software and configuration costs for the new system are $106,037.85 plus annual operating platform costs of $45,246 per year for a term of five years. The total contract cost of $332,267.85 will be allocated between Panorama Recreation, Searparc Recreation, Salt Spring Island Parks and Recreation, and Regional Parks.


Read article on CRD website.



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