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IPRA 2016: I'm a park & rec kid!

Iowa Parks and Recreation Association (IPRA) held a cozy tradeshow in Council Bluffs this week. 'I'm a park & rec kid!' was a great name for the event: As we continue to build communities, we always keep in mind that it's all about the kids!


The IPRA 2016 Trade Show gave vendors a chance to meet, network, and find solutions to grow their parks and rec communities. Darin Recchi was our man on the floor for this event, and he had some great things to say.


Darin snaps a shot of the tradeshow floor in action!


"There were several people I talked to who were very interested in PerfectMind as a solution for their operations", Darin reported upon returning from Iowa, “Some organizations haven't yet implemented a solution for their Parks & Recreation organization, so when I told them about the capability of PerfectMind, they wanted to learn more... they were excited […] as they are still managing their operations manually or using software that does not meet their growing requirements". 


One of the most notable networking sessions at this event was the 'Speed-dating' activity. Ten vendors and ten customers sat across from each other for three minute intervals to network, then (once the time was up) they would move down the row to speak to the next person. This created even more opportunity to discuss how we can help grow communities grow their memberships. In addition, there were several breakout sessions, and prize draws.


Thanks again to Steven Jordison, Executive Director, for putting on a great event full of opportunity. We hope to see everyone again next year!


Interested in learning how PerfectMind helps US and Canadian municipalities streamline their recreation operations and grow their communities? Follow the link to learn more about our cutting-edge parks and recreation software.



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