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Holding Position: Keeping Retention Rates High in your Yoga Classes

Retention rates are a major determining factor for the success of a membership-based business. For these businesses, growth is largely determined by how many members keep coming back, while you continue to add more customers and boost your student base.

Introducing the New PerfectMind Point-of-Sale

Flexible, powerful, and responsive, the new PerfectMind point-of-sale makes the checkout process easy and efficient. Whether your organization processes hundreds of transactions an hour or only has one cashier ringing in a dozen transactions a day, the robust POS 2.0 will change the way you sell products, tickets and services.

Lighting Integration with Musco Sports & SkyLogix

An important capability of an enterprise-class software solution is its ability to play nicely with others. For a parks & recreation management platform it is particularly important that the solution integrates with a variety of third-party applications, databases, directories and other systems.

Perfect Partners: The City of Medicine Hat

Located southeast in the province of Alberta, the thriving City of Medicine Hat is situated in the beautiful prairie landscape of Canada. Named for its richness in natural resources, ‘The Gas City’ receives more days of sunshine than any other Canadian city.


How to Create Community Ambassadors for your Park System

There are many tools that parks and recreation organizations can utilize, to better engage with their communities. The more people utilize their systems, the more impact park organizations can make on the well-being of their cities.

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