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Too Cool for School: 5 Impressive Varsity Facilities you Must See

Varsity teams have become increasingly important over the past few decades. Many schools invest in and grow their varsity programs as a means of attracting new, talented students from across the country. While numerous schools now boast impressive athletics programs and state-of-the-art varsity facilities, there are a few in particular that truly stand out.

Feature Focus: Reverse a Completed Payment

We’re only human. Sometimes, we make a mistake when processing a transaction. With PerfectMind, instead of refunding a payment, you can easily reverse a payment instead.

How do Marketing Campaigns Benefit Parks and Recreation?

Parks and recreation organizations are unlike most businesses. While losing money is never desirable, the well-being of the community trumps any focus on profit. Striving to provide opportunities that heighten the well-being of their communities, parks and recreation organizations must act as leaders in conservation, health, wellness, and social equity.

How to Hire And Keep the Best Martial Arts Instructors

An outstanding martial arts instructor will leave a lasting impact on his or her students. Along with the focus on self-discipline, character building, and integrity, instructors can help individuals through their journey in life while keeping them physically active and healthy.

Dancing to the Top: Setting your Child up for Success

Dancing is an excellent activity for keeping kids’ physical activity levels high. It’s social, fun, and therapeutic, but most importantly, it keeps them moving so that they can build a great foundation for health and fitness.


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