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How Music Enhances Childhood Development

Music can be an excellent source of comfort, inspiration, and happiness for the listener, producer, and performer. Its effects on mood and energy can be significant and many people use music to help boost their well-being.


Feature Focus: Painlessly Print Documents

Can you even count the number of forms, receipts and documents your organization prints in a day? Isn’t it frustrating to have to select the same printer you usually use each time you want to print a specific document? Freshly off our most recent release, PerfectMind now allows you to set a default printer for each type of document to print at a specific printer each time.

Growing Your Yoga Program to Bring In New Members

Rapid growth can be common during a yoga studio’s early days, but for many studios, this growth may eventually plateau. In an effort to combat this effect, studio owners can help attract new students by offering more programs. Sourcing and highlighting instructors and classes can help spread the word about your studio, bringing in new clients. Staying up to date on trends is critical and practical yoga marketing ideas will further your studio’s growth. Here are some ways to increase your yoga programming, bringing in new members.

NRPA 2017: Bigger and Better in the Big Easy

We recently had the pleasure of attending the NRPA (National Recreation and Park Association) 2017 Conference, which has positively become an annual tradition for PerfectMind. Widely regarded as one of the must-attend parks and recreation conferences, this year’s event did not disappoint.


PerfectMind Does IT at MISA BC 2017 Conference

As a proud three-time sponsor of the MISA (Municipal Information Systems Association) BC Conference, PerfectMind has “Dreamt IT” and “Built IT” at past conferences. This year, it was time to Do IT and explore what it takes to make IT happen and move our vision forward together in areas such as framework, people, tools, and technology.

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