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Member-Based Business Must-Haves for 2017

The year is anew and member-based businesses are gearing up for a successful year. For businesses looking to improve on last year’s growth, there are a number of things you can do to boost activity. This year, we’re focusing on ways to increase engagement, social visibility, and efficiency.

New Year, New Programming: Ways to Introduce Different Activities

With 2017 in full swing, there are many new programs that parks and recreation organizations can add to their programming. Most organizations need to be mindful of seasonal changes, to make sure their services won’t be affected. Some sports and activities are also more popular during certain times of year.

Fitness trends shouldn’t become the be- all and end-all for your organization but they do provide some guidance for activities that are growing in popularity.

Technology: Your Park Ranger's New Best Friend

The dichotomy of technology and nature is an interesting one. While technology doesn’t grow in the wild, technology’s place in our lives grows with us. For better or worse, our children are more involved with technology at an earlier age, with smartphones and tablets becoming commonplace in many households.

Making Your Recreation Facility Social Media Friendly

Since the explosion of Facebook and Twitter, social media has risen to the top of many businesses’ marketing plans. With over 2 billion users on just those two networks, it’s easy to see the marketing potential a strong social media presence has for your organization.

Free Gym Trial Memberships vs Discounting: Which Strategy is Better

Many membership-based businesses try to attract new members by either giving out free trial memberships or by discounting memberships.

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