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How Millennials Contribute to your Parks & Recreation Department

It is in human nature to want to classify things and categorizing generations is no exception. Millennials seem to get a bad rep from previous generations, in certain contexts. Regarding parks and recreation, millennials have many qualities that make them valuable community members and employees of parks and rec organizations.

Keeping it Professional: Social Media Tips for Academic Institutions

With the prevalence of social media in our everyday lives, there are a number of misconceptions around how to effectively create a social media plan and strategy for businesses. Some traditional organizations may mistakenly think that simply hiring a young person who grew up online is enough to improve their social media marketing.

Spin Class for Beginners

Fitness classes are extremely popular in North America, with spin classes quickly becoming one of the most sought after. According to ClassPass, spin classes are the most popular classes in New York and Boston. In 2015, it was the third most popular workout across all users.  

Summer Parks Programs for Staying Fit

In many cities, summer can be the only season people and organizations can rely on warm weather. Taking advantage of the sun – in moderate doses – can have many great benefits. Mental health and happiness, stress relief, improved cognitive abilities, boosting the immune system, muscle building, and healing can get a boost from an active, outdoor lifestyle.

Entrepreneurship in Parks and Recreation

Entrepreneurship plays a big role in our society. It has a large effect on the economy and allows people to turn personal ideas into a thriving business. Starting your own business can be scary but extremely rewarding. Not everyone’s made for entrepreneurship though; you need to be an independent person, comfortable with taking risks, creative, convincing, and good at negotiating, to really succeed on your own.

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