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Activate, Don’t Hibernate: Winter Activities to Keep you Fit

The cold can be unpleasant but don’t think that chilly weather should keep you locked up at home. Seasonal affective disorder is no joke and staying indoors can encourage a sedentary lifestyle, leading lower levels of well-being.

Growing Community with Recreation Management Software

The “community” buzzword has been thrown a lot lately and with good reason. An organization that has put in the time to grow their community should see an involved customer base that reacts to what the organization is up to.

Converting Drop-ins into Long-term Members

Drop-in sessions are a great way to attract casual customers, as well as referrals. However, for a membership-based business, having long-term members makes for much more consistent and predictable cash flow.

Supporting Your Communities’ Diverse Needs with Subsidies

When looking at boosting well-being in communities, a blanket one-size-fits-all strategy may not cut it. Different communities have distinctive needs and these must be taken into account, in order to affect the most positive change possible.

Baby, It’s Cold Outside! Indoor Activities in the Winter Season

With the passing of Thanksgiving and the beginning of December, many North American cities are gearing up for the cold. Winter blues can be a problem and we all know the importance of being active, but it can be pretty hard to convince people to get outside, when temperatures are so get low.

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