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Five Ways to Prevent Forest Fires

Forest fires are a big issue in many parts of the world, when the temperatures rise and there is no rain in sight. The beautiful province of British Columbia that PerfectMind calls home has been facing some harsh forest fires, particularly in Williams Lake and the surrounding area.

West Coast, Best Coast: Where to Set Up Camp this Summer

America’s national parks are the envy of the world, and parks on the West Coast preserve some of the most treasured open spaces on the planet.  Do you favor tent, RV or backcountry camping? Do you prefer the rugged hills, the majestic coast or the serene desert? You’re in luck - the perfect setting for your adventure awaits in a West Coast national park.

Perfect Partners: The City of Medicine Hat

Located southeast in the province of Alberta, the thriving City of Medicine Hat is situated in the beautiful prairie landscape of Canada. Named for its richness in natural resources, ‘The Gas City’ receives more days of sunshine than any other Canadian city.


How to Create Community Ambassadors for your Park System

There are many tools that parks and recreation organizations can utilize, to better engage with their communities. The more people utilize their systems, the more impact park organizations can make on the well-being of their cities.

Growing Together: Starting Community Garden Projects

Gardens have so many incredible benefits for a community, especially when said garden brings people together. Community garden projects can boost the visual appeal of a city, while providing a safe place where people are active outdoors. 

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