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How to Create Community Ambassadors for your Park System

There are many tools that parks and recreation organizations can utilize, to better engage with their communities. The more people utilize their systems, the more impact park organizations can make on the well-being of their cities.

Growing Together: Starting Community Garden Projects

Gardens have so many incredible benefits for a community, especially when said garden brings people together. Community garden projects can boost the visual appeal of a city, while providing a safe place where people are active outdoors. 

Supporting Seniors in Community Programming

You can tell a lot about a community by how they treat their senior citizens. It’s important to take care of the elderly; many of them have spent a large part of their lives raising children and grandchildren, taking care of their communities, and some may have employed people and provided them with a living wage.

Endurance Training for Long-Distance Running

Marathons are a very popular activity practiced around the world. A real test of physical and mental fortitude, the official distance of a marathon race sits at 26.2 miles (or 42.2 kilometers.) Half-marathons are half the distance of a full marathon and there are plenty of hybrid distance races, aimed at amateurs or seasoned professionals.

Increasing Local Support for Park Programs

With all of the benefits associated with parks and recreation programs for the communities they serve, it’s a no-brainer for communities to create great park programs.

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