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Feature Focus: Create Facility Maps for Online Reservations

Imagine how much easier it would be to visually show your customers available spaces and facilities rather than an endless list of options. With our platform, you can! You can create a visual map for any facility – campgrounds, park areas, rec centers, sport fields – you name it. A game-changer for online booking, adding facility maps in PerfectMind makes the reservation experience more efficient and interactive.

Feature Focus: Search and Filter Available Facilities

Running an organization with over 200 facilities can be tough when you’re searching for the appropriate facility to meet your customer’s booking requirements. PerfectMind’s Availability Search for Advanced Reservation makes it easy for your staff to find the facilities best suited to meet your customer’s event requirements. Let our system take out the guesswork and make booking the perfect facility, hassle-free.

Generate Customer Tax Receipts

Whether you’re filing corporate or personal taxes, tax season isn’t anyone’s favorite time of the year. Make filing tax deductions easier for your customers - with a few clicks, you can generate tax receipts for any customer, at any time.

Introducing the New PerfectMind Point-of-Sale

Flexible, powerful, and responsive, the new PerfectMind point-of-sale makes the checkout process easy and efficient. Whether your organization processes hundreds of transactions an hour or only has one cashier ringing in a dozen transactions a day, the robust POS 2.0 will change the way you sell products, tickets and services.

Lighting Integration with Musco Sports & SkyLogix

An important capability of an enterprise-class software solution is its ability to play nicely with others. For a parks & recreation management platform it is particularly important that the solution integrates with a variety of third-party applications, databases, directories and other systems.

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