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[Webinar] 5 Things You Must Know Before Selecting Your Next Recreation Management Software

Change is hard! Especially when you are making a change that will effect every one of your members and your staff. How do you ensure you make the right choice with replacing your parks and recreation management software? These 5 considerations will help you to make the best decision for your organization.

[Webinar] How to Create a Free Google My Business Listing that Gets Results

Does your local business have a complete, updated and accurate Google My Business Listing? Optimizing this single page can have a dramatic impact on Google Maps and local search rankings.

[Webinar] Has Your School Leveled Off And Now You Feel Stuck?


It is not a question of whether your school will level off or get stuck, but rather what you can do when it happens. It might be at 100 students, 200, and for sure at the 250-300 student mark.

[Webinar] Build a Referral Engine That’s Guaranteed to Grow Your Business!


Referrals should be the number one driving factor for your membership based business growth, yet the methods to promote this Word-Of-Mouth wonder are underutilized by most!

[Webinar] How to Save Membership Cancellations: 3 Straightforward Strategies


You have a member who wants to cancel. What now? You can't save every cancellation, but I have 3 strategies to definitely increase your odds. Join Keith McGregor, PerfectMIND Customer Success Manager, for this webinar that every membership-based business owner needs to watch.

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