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How to Create Transformational Yoga Retreats that Sell Out

[Webinar] How to Create Transformational Yoga Retreats that Sell Out

Date: Thursday, January 25th, 2018

  • Time: 11AM PST/ 2PM EST
  • Presenter: Paloma Barron Neuman

Retreats offer your students an experience that transcends regular yoga classes at the studio, and the benefits of leading a successful retreat are limitless. Imagine travelling to places you’ve always dreamed of, creating more financial freedom for your business, attracting students you truly feel called to serve, and helping others attain greater mindfulness and health. Yet, putting together the puzzle pieces of marketing, budgeting, payment processing, sourcing your venue, mindset, intention, and more can be daunting.


Join Paloma Barron Neuman, Co-Founder of Rock Your Yoga Retreat, as she maps out the 5 most important elements for retreat success and answers your

questions live on air:

  1. Creating a unique, signature retreat offering
  2. Crafting a beautiful retreat experience at your travel destination
  3. Budgeting and pricing your retreat for success
  4. Executing authentic marketing strategies to sell out your retreat
  5. Aligning your retreat with a bigger vision


About the Speaker


Paloma Barron Neuman is the co-founder of Rock Your Yoga Retreat. Leveraging years of experience in business, law, and international retreat planning, Paloma helps yoga instructors and wellness professionals plan their dream retreats and cultivate thriving businesses. Between delivering online training and business mentorship programs, she enjoys running her second yoga-centric business, long Savasanas, watching TED Talks, and spending time with her husband and son in San Diego, CA.



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Vanessa Lo
Vanessa Lo

Vanessa Lo is the Marketing and Events Coordinator at PerfectMind. She coordinates webinars, campaigns, and events across North America to empower member-based organizations as they attract and connect with members. Vanessa holds a Communications and Digital Publishing degree from Simon Fraser University and has also studied at the National University of Singapore.

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