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What is Recreation Management Software?

Parks and recreation organizations have a lot going on. They have to manage recreation facilities, promote conservation, create fresh programming, improve health and well-being in the communities they serve, along with a ton of other important things.


A good parks and recreation organization needs effective recreation management software, to help reduce the strain of the day-to-day operations and help workers spend more time improving the lives of others. In this blog, we break down what to look for in effective parks and recreation management software.


Facility Booking & Rentals


A busy parks and recreation facility will have lots of moving parts, especially when it comes to booking facilities and rentals. Confusion and mismanaged bookings and rentals can be a source of headaches for everyone involved. An effective parks and recreation software solution should be able to minimize errors and make facility booking and scheduling quick and painless for your staff. Conflict and contract management, recurring bookings, equipment and rental inventory, and capacity management should all run smoothly, with the right software.


Activity Registration


Program registration is the core of recreation facilities. With the incredible benefits recreation facilities bring to your community, it’s a no-brainer to have your registration running at its best. Booking courses, private lessons, and drop-ins – while maintaining flexible registration, both online and onsite – are a major part of providing convenience and excellent customer service to your members and guests. Many of needs of your different departments should be met through one software solution.


POS & Inventory Management


Many recreation facilities have a pro-shop or a refreshment bar. Parks and recreation software should be able to sell any type of product, service or event, with easy to use features for inventory and sales automation. Tracking purchase orders and printing inventory sheets should be simplified and boosting sales through promotions, gift cards and early-bird registrations is a must.


Membership Management


Monthly and annual memberships won’t make sense for every member walking through your door. Membership setups have gotten increasingly more custom and your parks and recreation software solution should be able to adapt to that. Instead of wasting your staff members’ time with billing issues, the software should be able to do it for you automatically.


Integrated Marketing and Built-In Reporting


Whatever your marketing strategies are, there’s an opportunity for your parks and recreation software to help out. Increasing signups and enrolments using loyalty and referral programs is a great benefit. The ability to create customizable landing pages, lead capture forms and feature deep email solutions are all a must, nowadays. Your ability to adapt on the fly can be assisted by a great reporting system that will help you run custom reports. Creating and scheduling custom financial, attendance, utilization, marketing and forecasting reports all from the same interface will prove to be very beneficial for your parks and recreation organization.


At the end of the day, you want one piece of software that integrates all your needs and desires in one tight package. Learn more about PerfectMind’s parks and recreation software, to see what makes it the go-to choice for the parks and recreation industry.


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