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3 Ways to Use eLearning

Many believe that eLearning will eventually become the most widely used form of education. The ease of learning from wherever, whenever makes it very accessible for people from all walks of life. For a small business or enterprise, however, you can utilize eLearning in a few different ways. We encourage you to get creative about it but remember to make sure there’s always a benefit in doing it, for the work it will take.


Here are three ways to use eLearning:



Onboarding New Employees

When a new employee gets hired, eLearning can be used to get the staff trained very effectively; relieving a lot of time that someone would have to traditionally dedicate to the training process. Many eLearning solutions are a lot more effective than traditional paper-based manuals and, if you’re a green-oriented organization, the paper-free aspect will be very enticing. However, you don’t want to completely replace staff training with eLearning: you want to supplement it. You’ll always want to make sure that someone will be there to help the new employee learn the ropes, as there are some things that are more easily taught in person.



Continued Training

Initial training may be mandatory but continued training will be important in getting the most out of your staff members. Everything from leadership development to mindfulness exercises and skills training is applicable here. It’s going to be a lot easier to invest in the employees you have than to source new ones. Long-term training initiatives should be viewed as an investment, as most of the resources can be stored and used for years, with updating made easy.



Added Value for Customers

This is likely the best use of of eLearning, when trying to drive business or maintain client relationships. Depending on the basis of your business or organization, you can use eLearning as an added value to customers. Whether that’s to teach them how to use your products and services properly or teaching them about fitness and healthy lifestyles, customers will always like the fact that they can access these. Similar to our webinar and blog series that help teach you to get the most out of our products and to improve many aspects of your business, these will be there for them as a valuable resource. Make sure they’re not too dry or else no one will want to actually go through it!



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