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4 Tips to Help Grow Your Martial Arts School

With any business, your focus should be on growing it, whether it’s your programming or your client base. When you fail to focus on growing your business, not only will you be seeing fewer students coming through your martial arts school, it may ultimately lead to a financial failure. For many businesses, however, it can be difficult to get started on this seemingly daunting task even though it’s easier to do than you may think.


Here are four reliable ways to help grow your martial arts school.


1. Reach Out to the Community


Being active in the community is one of the best ways to acquire new students. It may seem like an obvious tip, but you may end up neglecting doing community outreach once your martial arts school is up and running. One of your main focuses should be ensuring that those in your community recognize your school and its brand, which will help build trust within potential students. Some ideas for getting your school out in the community can include being involved in seasonal events, sponsoring a local sports team, holding free self-defense seminars or even volunteering.


2. Work with Local Schools


Local schools are also great ways to seek out new sign-ups. Such spaces offer almost endless supplies of potential students and are particularly effective, since there are a number of benefits that school-aged students can acquire from martial arts. Speak to a school administrator and organize an anti-bully seminar to pique the interest of students and parents. Take this opportunity also to discuss the benefits of martial arts, an exceptional extra-curricular activity option.


3. Offer an After-School Program


The cost of after-school childcare is something that’s constantly on the minds of parents. In offering a fun, martial arts after-school program, you are providing parents with an activity that won’t only ensure fun and useful skills for their children, but also a safe space for them as well. In the event that your martial arts business isn’t in walking distance of your local school, renting a shuttle that can safely bring the children from the school to your business could be helpful.


4. Expand Your Class Offerings


While martial arts classes are undoubtedly the backbone of your martial arts business, offering a variety of classes can help attract more new students. Such classes as self-defense or ones that include age groups that aren’t normally the focus will increase your potential demographic, bringing new students through your doors.


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