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How to Make Your Dojo More Successful with Martial Arts Automation Software

Running a successful dojo requires a lot of work and even with a passion for martial arts and business-savvy tactics, one may still fall short, without the proper tools. Martial arts software automation features are practical tools that can help your staff manage tedious and time-consuming tasks, freeing up their time so they can focus on creating a better experience for your students instead.


Here’s how martial arts software automation can help create a more successful dojo.


Social Media Automation


Social media management has become one of the most important aspects of any business’ marketing arsenal, but it can be also the most time consuming, between creating engaging content, replying to inquiries, and performing outreach. With martial arts software automation, you can schedule posts in advance and stay on top of upcoming events, allowing you to concentrate on other day-to-day tasks.


Online Registration Automation


Giving your students the ability to register for classes online anytime, anywhere will increase the number of registrations overall. It will also free up your staff’s time, otherwise spent on liaising with students. Good martial arts software should also allow for cancellations or changes made to the class registration, whether it’s for ongoing members or drop-ins.


Payment Reminder Automation


Instead of reaching out to every single student and reminding him or her that payment is due, martial arts software automation should automatically send out reminders at any point of the month. This otherwise tedious task reduces the likelihood of double or missed payments and can help create a better customer experience.  


Email Automation


Email newsletters are a great way to stay connected with your students, whether it’s keeping them up-to-date about the latest on-goings of your dojo, wishing them a happy birthday, or helping celebrate their anniversary. But these forms of communication can take quite a bit of time to complete. With email automation, you can set reminders for when and to whom these newsletters should be sent.


One great way to ensure that you stay on top of all your marketing tasks, PerfectMind’s martial arts management software can help you generate more leads and reduce drop-outs with its marketing automation that regularly nurtures your prospects and students. You can create, track, and measure all of your marketing campaigns in one place. Learn more about the management software here.


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