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5 Children’s Health Groups Inspiring the Next Generation

Encouraging healthy habits at a young age can make it easy to live a life full of well-being. A child needs a healthy diet and regular physical activity to be healthy, while avoiding things like smoking, drugs and unhealthy thinking.


Teaching kids the importance of these lifestyle choices can make it easier for them to continue a healthy way of life into adulthood. That being said, with parents — who may have well-being issues of their own — generally being the primary role models for their kids, we sometimes need a little help from others, to positively influence kids. Here are five of the top children’s health groups that are working hard to help inspire the next generation to live a healthy and long life.



Children & Nature Network


The Children & Nature Network takes well-being a step further than just physical activity and clean eating, focusing on promoting the benefits of getting out of the house and being in nature. In the technology dependent era we live in, kids are susceptible to spending too much time fixated on their smart devices, TV shows, apps and games. The benefits of nature for children’s well-being and development are well-documented and it’s clear to see why they’re so passionate about what they do. Founded in 2005 by Richard Louv and his partners, their mission is to connect children, their families and communities to nature, through innovative ideas, evidence-based resources and tools, broad-based collaboration and support for grassroots leadership.





Sports and physical activity should be accessible to any child and this is what ParticipACTION is all about. They’ve been around for over four decades now, working tirelessly to help people sit less and move more, while changing attitudes surrounding physical activity and encouraging everyone to include it as a part of our every day. They do this through innovative engagement initiatives and thought leadership, while keeping true to their core values of passion, collaboration, empowerment, innovation, excellence and (perhaps most importantly) fun. To learn more, check out their 2016 Impact Report, outlining the difference they made over the course of the year.



American Heart Association


The American Heart Association works hard to educate on and advocate for healthy lifestyle choices, in order to prevent heart disease. In 2008, heart disease caused almost one in every four deaths in America, making it the leading cause of death for both men and women. Learning about how our daily choices can affect our heart health and longevity is key, for living a healthy lifestyle. After 92 years in service, AHA now has over 22.5 million volunteers and supporters, all fighting to make cardiovascular diseases a thing of the past.



Childhood Obesity Foundation


Obesity is an increasingly prevalent well-being issue that we’re facing and progress is tough to come by. The Childhood Obesity Foundation has launched many successful initiatives, including the Childhood Healthy Weights Intervention Initiative and the Stop Marketing to Kids Coalition, which aims to restrict the commercial marketing of all food and beverages to children and youth. Their mission of leading a societal shift towards healthy eating and active lifestyles is a highly important one, especially in the promotion of healthy weight trajectories through childhood. We’ve loved seeing their progress, over the years.



Let’s Move


One of Michelle Obama’s biggest contributions to America has her passion project Let’s Move. Obesity rates are still high and this trend’s reversal is key for a long-term wellness shift in America. Let’s Move focuses on combining comprehensive strategies with common sense; “putting children on the path to a healthy future, during their earliest months and years.” Educating parents, providing healthier foods in schools, ensuring every family has access to healthy, affordable food, and helping kids become more physically active are all important factors at core of their mission statement.


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