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5 Fitness Advocates Making Us Healthier

It can be hard to stay motivated at all times, to meet your fitness and well-being goals. Everyone hits a wall at some point and whether you keep going or give up separates the fitness warriors from the casual exercisers. Whether you’re a spontaneous gym goer or a training fanatic, role models and leaders can be a great source for inspiration to help convince you to skip the fast food meal and push yourself at the gym, the trails or courts. Here, we’ve hand-selected 5 fitness advocates making us healthier in different ways on different platforms.


Michelle Obama | Let’s Move!


As First Lady of the United States, Michelle Obama received ongoing recognition for her advocacy on social issues, including the detrimental effects of obesity and unhealthy lifestyles – especially when they impact the lives of children. While her predecessors Clinton and Bush supported the organic food movement at the White House, she furthered this by planting the White House Kitchen Garden. She also created the “Let’s Move!” initiative, to help reduce the childhood obesity epidemic in the United States. Through this and the Task Force on Childhood Obesity, the Obamas have been able to start the change necessary to reverse the 21st century trend of childhood obesity.


The Rock | @therock


Dwayne Johnson made his fame in the WWE and has now become the highest paid actor in the world. He’s big and bold – on-screen and off-screen – and comes off as a genuine, charming and motivated individual. Through his social media presence, he inspires people all over the world to be the best versions of themselves and often through fitness-related posts. With over 69 million followers on Instagram, we love that he uses this platform to spread love, passion and, most importantly, fitness inspiration.


Kayla Itsines | Sweat with Kayla


Kayla Itsines is currently one of the most inspirational fitness figures around. With nearly 6 million followers on Instagram, she shares her and other people’s fitness journeys, while maintaining a healthy view of fitness goals. While she’s motivational and pushes people to do her best, she balances this out with posts influencing women to love their body types and figures, first and foremost.


Kane Sumabat | @timbahwolffff


Kane Sumabat aka Timbahwolf has a very unique physique. He works as a personal trainer with Controlled Labs and utilizes his Instagram account to demonstrate various techniques and movements with his clients. We find Sumabat’s Instagram to be one of the best sources of inspiration for watching someone performing in the gym at a very high level. Sumabat, along with Kayla Itsines, represent the current big trend of fitness inspiration on social media.


Julian Omidi, Michael Omidi, M.D. | Children’s Obesity Fund


Through the Children’s Obesity Fund, this power sibling duo focuses on educating parents and children on the obesity epidemic, while doing all they can to reverse the alarming statistics and trends that threaten the well-being of the US. They believe that the biggest issue of obesity isn’t overeating, but rather a lack of knowledge of the nutrition, exercise, and lifestyle balance required to maintain a healthy weight. They also focus on poverty reduction, which fits well with their mission of health and well-being. Their efforts are needed more than ever and we commend them for staying the course on this journey.


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