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[Webinar Replay] 5 Steps to Become a Million Dollar Martial Arts School with Jason Wenneberg

  • On April 30th, at 11am PST, PerfectMind was joined by Sensei Jason Wenneberg of the American Martial Arts Academy to discuss the 5 crucial steps every martial arts school owner needs to take on the path to become a million-dollar school.

  • Watch the webinar replay and by the end of the session you will gain a new perspective on each of the following areas:

      • • Vision
      • • Product 
      • • Marketing
          • • Staffing
              • • Money Management

    • About the Speaker:

PerfectMind martial arts software Webinar - Jason Wenneberg

Jason is a 4th degree Black Belt who began studying the martial arts at age 6 under the tutelage of his father. By age 10 he was assisting in martial arts classes and he was an accredited martial arts teacher by age 15.

Jason is an avid student and excels in the child development aspects of martial arts as well as relaying the physical and mental principles of martial arts to students of all ages and abilities. He also enjoys helping other teachers take their martial arts skills and their journeys to the next level.



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