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8 Valentine's Day Marketing Ideas For Your Gym


Valentine's Day is coming up fast. Has your fitness business made plans to celebrate the day of love (and possibly grow your business)? Valentine's Day is no longer just a holiday for restaurants, florists or jewelers. Almost every business can take advantage of this holiday, including gyms and fitness clubs. Here are some Valentine's Day marketing ideas for your gym to help you make the most of this holiday!



Specials & Discounts


One way to go is by offering fun, appealing promotions that tie into the theme. Here are some Valentine's Day marketing ideas to incorporate: 


#1. Two-for-One Specials: It's a perfect time to bust out the 2-for-1 deals. If you have a fitness facility, consider offering side-by-side training sessions for members, and one guest. You could also offer members the chance to bring a guest to one class for free - this is a great way to find new clients. 


#2. Loyalty Discounts: Show some love to your regular members this month by thanking them. You could send them a valentine's email, offering them a special discount on a class or membership. It doesn't need to be extravagant, even a 10% discount is a good way to show your appreciation. Rewarding your current members will keep them coming back, generating more revenue for your fitness business in the long run. 


#3.Heart Healthy Discounts: Take advantage of Heart Health month and promote healthy hearts by offering discounts on classes and activities that get the heart pumping!



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Social Media Contests


Holding a social media contest for your business is a great way to raise awareness, boost engagement and attract new followers. The weeks leading up to Valentine's Day is a great time to get this going. Here are some ideas:


#4. Share the Love: For a quick and easy contest, create a post asking your audience what they love about your gym or fitness business. Ask them to comment and share. Provide them an incentive, by offering the first 10 or 20 people to do so a free day pass or discount. This is an quick way to raise some awareness. 


#5.Giveaways: Host a Valentine's Day giveaway on Instagram or your Facebook page. Get people to participate by either asking them to fill out a form on a landing page or commenting and tagging their partner/friends. When choosing prizes, make sure they are on-brand, so that you are targeting people who may turn into clients. Gyms and fitness clubs could give away free memberships for a few months. Even if you just have one winner, everyone who participates will learn a bit more about your business. 




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Themed Classes and Events


Themed classes and events are a great way to get people engaged. Here are some ideas you could try:


#6. Couple Classes: Consider offering some couple classes to mark the occasion. Classes such as couples yoga, bootcamp, or even kickboxing are a good way to go. You could even bring in some dance instructors and offer a couples dance series.


#7. Singles Events: Don't forget to engage the single members. To cater to them, you could offer singles-only classes with a happy hour or informal meet and greet after the class. You could also offer 'Galentine's Day' classes - classes for women and their best friends. 


#8. Revamp Your Current Offerings: If you are unable to create new class offerings, you can easily revamp your current classes to make them fit the theme. For instance, if you run a series of zumba, aerobic or spin classes, simply switch up the music to love songs and you can market this as a special series.



Whatever way you go, make sure you promote your discounts, classes or social media contests. Send out targeted emails, consider setting up social ads, and have some signage around your gym. Spread the love this season and grow your business! 


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Tarana Rana
Tarana Rana

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