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Activate, Don’t Hibernate: Winter Activities to Keep you Fit

The cold can be unpleasant but don’t think that chilly weather should keep you locked up at home. Seasonal affective disorder is no joke and staying indoors can encourage a sedentary lifestyle, leading lower levels of well-being. While the specific cause of seasonal affective disorder is unknown, some of the suspected factors include reduced sunlight (which causes a drop in serotonin), amplified by the reduced physical activity, due to colder temperatures.


Staying active in the winter doesn’t have to be unpleasant, as long as you plan for it. Besides, there are too many great winter activities to miss out on. Here are some of our top winter activities for keeping you active.



Don’t Let the Cold Keep You Out


While the cold can be intimidating, gearing up properly can really help you prepare for your winter activity. Staying warm and dry will be a deciding factor towards whether you’ll find the activity enjoyable or not and only proper apparel will help you do that. Layers are key, as are wind and water resistant clothing. Many clothing brands have cold-resistant fabrics that will allow you to brave the elements more comfortably and for longer periods.


To stay warm, think about your base layer, mid layer and shell. Don’t forget to make sure each layer is wicking away moisture, as well. For more information, check out UPMC’s great infographic on beating the cold during your workout.



Lace Up your Blades


Hit up your local ice rinks, for some skating fun. If you’re new to the sport, consider taking some lessons. You can find it to be very enjoyable and some may even take up ice hockey, once their skating skills become proficient. Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned pro, it can be a lot of fun going to public skate sessions, with friends or even a date. Some cities have city-managed rinks that can be quite beautiful and fun, such as Robson Square in Vancouver or Rockefeller Centre, in New York City. Just make sure you visit them before they close for spring.



Hit the Slopes


Whether it’s sledding, snow shoeing, skiing or snowboarding, getting out to the mountains can be a rewarding workout. Winter sports can be fast-paced or a bit slower, depending on your preference. Skiing and snowboarding can be quite exhilarating, especially on higher difficulty runs. Sledding is great for kids and others who may be intimidated or can’t afford to participate in some of the more cost-prohibitive winter sports. Long-distance fitness lovers can also get their activity fix through snowshoeing or cross-country skiing. There’s so much variety out there for everyone!



Managing the Snow


When snow hits the ground, you have so many opportunities to get active. Snow removal will boost your physical activity levels and it gives you a chance to do some favors for your neighbors, especially elderly ones. With the kids, you can use this as a chance to have snowball fights, build a snowman or practice creating some epic snow angels. Snow can be fun; just make sure everyone’s prepared for the cold.


For some great ideas on keeping your kids busy during the winter months, check out these ideas from Parents Magazine. If you really can’t bear the cold outside, check out these great indoor activities to keep you active throughout the winter.


What are your favorite winter activities to keep you moving in the colder months? Let us know on Facebook and follow us on Twitter and Google+, to stay up to date with all of your PerfectMind news.



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