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5 Tips on Choosing a Martial Arts Website

[Upcoming Webinar]  5 Vital Elements of Successful Leaders and Teams - with Dr. Tom Griggs

New Features Release Version 5.2.2

[Webinar Replay] 5 Steps to Become a Million Dollar Martial Arts School with Jason Wenneberg

5 Design Tips for Landing Pages To Drive Class Intros

[Webinar Replay] How to Hire & Retain Kick-Ass Instructors with Master Ingrid

[Webinar Replay] How to Enroll More Students in 48 Hours

[Webinar Replay] How to Enable Change for Real and Lasting Results

Discovering New Horizons at TRAPS 2019

New Features Release Version 5.2.1

10 Ways to Promote Your Parks & Recreation Events on Social Media

5 Tips for Running your First Martial Arts Tournament As a School

How to Scale Class Sizes In Your Martial Arts School

The Importance of Data Cleanliness: Tidying Up Your Membership Database

Using Private Lessons to Grow and Improve your Martial Arts School

8 Valentine's Day Marketing Ideas For Your Gym

How to Stock Your Martial Arts Pro Shop

8 Marketing Tactics That Will Encourage New Residents to Participate in Your Programs

The Ultimate Guide to Using Instagram to Promote Your Martial Arts School

4 Ways to Increase Registrations for Your Aquatic Programs

How to Improve Attendance Tracking at Your Martial Arts School

New Features Release Version 5.1.7

4 Ways to Ensure Your Recreation Software Implementation Is a Success

How to Build Business Partnerships for Your Martial Arts School

What are the benefits of using CRM for your business?

6 Signs You Are Running a Successful Martial Arts School

5 New Year Resolutions Your Parks & Rec Department Should Adopt

New Year, New Programming: Ways to Introduce Different Activities

Black Belt Billing: Conquer Billing Issues with Martial Arts Management Software and Automation

4 Ways to Ensure Your Gym is Ready for the New Year

How to Offer Inclusive Community Classes in 2019

5 Holiday Marketing Ideas Your Martial Arts School Should Try

How to Attract Committed Volunteers for City Programs

4 Tips to Help Grow Your Martial Arts School

How Can Seniors Benefit From Martial Arts?

5 Key Metrics Every Business Owner Should Track

5 Ways to Successfully Promote Your Next Martial Arts Event

When Should You Open Your Second Yoga Studio?

Effective Facility Integration: How to Sync Your Facility with One Easy Management Platform

How to Make Your Dojo More Successful with Martial Arts Automation Software

How to Get Your Fitness Business Ready For the Holidays

5 Affordable Martial Arts Marketing Ideas

Event Recap: Club Industry Show 2018

How to Create and Launch A Successful Parent and Child Martial Arts Program

How the Right Fitness Management Software Can Skyrocket Your Business

Martial Arts Staff Retention: 5 Ways to Keep and Grow Your Best Team Members

Data Security: How Safe Is Your Member Data?

Why Are Seasonal Martial Arts School Campaigns So Effective?

3 Ways to Increase Memberships Through Your Fitness Website

What Your Martial Arts Website Needs to Beat the Competition

Payment Processors: What They Do and How to Choose the Right One

Martial Arts Against Bullying: 5 Important Factors in Building an Anti-Bullying Program

Family Focused Facilities: Creating Programs that Attract New Members

New Features Release Version 5.1.5 & 5.1.6

Martial Arts Pricing for Classes: To Discount or Not?

Growing Community with Recreation Management Software

Embracing Technology to Supercharge your Business

How to Use Video in Martial Arts Marketing

5 Ways to Volunteer in the Martial Arts Community

Why you Need a Facility Management Tool

Why you Need to Create a Promotion Schedule for your Martial Arts School

What Parents Should Know About Martial Arts

How to Encourage Volunteerism in Parks & Recreation

Why Your Facility Should Have a Women’s Only Kickboxing Class

Goodbye to Billing Collections: How to Get Students Paying Regularly

Combatting Burnout: How to Stay Energized Before a Competition

Preparing Your Yoga Studio for Online Sales

New Features Release Version 5.1.4

What You Should Look For in a Membership Management Tool

How to Promote Your First Martial Arts Tournament

What is the Difference Between Kung Fu and Karate

Introducing Fitness Classes for the Elderly Community

How to Retain a Summer Program Student

Ensuring Inclusivity at your Parks and Rec Organization

5 Amazing Hikes to Do for your Bucket List

What is Hapkido?

Kicking into Gear at the 2018 Martial Arts SuperShow

What to Look for in a Gym Management Software

How your School can Participate in Martial Arts Community Events

7 Summer Camp Ideas for your Community

10 Health Benefits of Martial Arts

The Importance of Organizing Community-Wide Events

How to Partner with Local Schools to Grow your Martial Arts Business

How to Overcome Performance Anxiety Before a Competition

Including TRX at your Yoga Studio

PerfectMind Integrates with 97 Display

Increasing Safety in Martial Arts Classes without Losing Focus

Creating Youth Programs for Diversity

[Webinar] Sprint to the Finish: A Winning Formula to Grow your In-House Fitness Classes | PerfectMind

Leadership Strategies to Build a Strong Team

8 of the Most Beautiful National Parks in North America

How Gymnastics Can Increase Martial Arts Performance

The Benefits of Sparring at your Martial Arts School

Planning an Impactful Parks & Recreation Staff Retreat

5 of the Most Common Martial Arts Injuries and How to Prevent Them

Forging Links at WRPA 2018

New Features Release Version 5.1.3

The Top 5 Reasons You Need Membership Management Software to Help Your Business Grow

Creating Inclusive Spaces at BCRPA 2018

Creating Thought Leaders Within your Organization

Get on the Good Foot: What to Look for in Fitness Gear

Celebrating Community Achievements at PRO 2018

Developing an Effective Volunteer Recognition Program

A Beginner's Guide to Pilates: The History and Benefits

Creating an Influencer Marketing Campaign for Your Yoga Studio | PerfectMind

New Features Release Version 5.1.2

How to Train for your First Half-Marathon

Inspiring Excellence at CPRS 2018

Designing an Aquatics Program Seniors Will Love

Building Successful Martial Arts After-School Programs

What you Need to Know about Data Protection for your Residents' Association

Bridging Together at TRAPS 2018

5 Skills Parks & Recreation Professionals Have that Benefit Any Organization

Employee Activation: Promoting Active Lifestyles in your Organization

New Features Release Version 5.1.1

A Place for All: Using your Facility Space for Community Meetings and Programs

5 Tips for Getting Children Starting Fitness Early

Feature Focus: Adding Members to a Family Account

Secrets to Building a Great Referral Program for your Yoga Studio

[Webinar] How to Successfully Incorporate Tournament Competition at your School | PerfectMind

Soaring to New Heights at IAPD/IPRA 2018

Making the Most of your Parks & Recreation Member Satisfaction Surveys

Recruit and Retain your Best Group Exercise Instructors

Making Parks and Recreation More Relevant for your Community

Feature Focus: Adjust Multiple Punch Pass Entries at Once

Disaster Relief for your Organization: How to Prepare for the Worst

[Webinar] How to Create Transformational Yoga Retreats that Sell Out | PerfectMind

Perfect Partners: Highlands Ranch Community Association | PerfectMind

New Features Release Version 4.10.8

Be SMART in the New Year: Creating Fitness-Focused Resolutions

Collaborating at the 2017 Carolinas Joint Conference

Making a Career in Health and Fitness

Too Cool for School: 5 Impressive Varsity Facilities you Must See

Feature Focus: Reverse a Completed Payment

How do Marketing Campaigns Benefit Parks and Recreation?

How to Hire And Keep the Best Martial Arts Instructors

Dancing to the Top: Setting your Child up for Success

Change Management: Introducing New Technology to your Recreation Facility Staff

Feature Focus: Set Item-Specific Rules for Subsidies

Making Fitness Fun for Kids

New Features Release Version 4.10.7

5 Things you Didn't Know your Recreation Software Could Do

How Music Enhances Childhood Development

Feature Focus: Painlessly Print Documents

Growing Your Yoga Program to Bring In New Members

NRPA 2017: Bigger and Better in the Big Easy

PerfectMind Does IT at MISA BC 2017 Conference

The Many Benefits of Youth Sports in your Community

US Parks & Rec Conferences to Attend in 2018

New Features Release Version 4.10.6

Feature Focus: Prorate Course Registration Fees

Drive More Members to Your Studio with Video

The Right Fit: Is a Parks & Recreation Career Right for Me?

Is your Facility or Park Ready for a Martial Arts Program?

New Features Release Version 4.10.5

Feature Focus: Create a Brochure Export for Marketing Materials

The Long Game: Taking Running Seriously

Turning Up the Heat at APRA 2017

New Features Release Version 4.10.4

How Millennials Contribute to your Parks & Recreation Department

Feature Focus: Create Facility Maps for Online Reservations

Five Ways to Prevent Forest Fires

Keeping it Professional: Social Media Tips for Academic Institutions

West Coast, Best Coast: Where to Set Up Camp this Summer

PerfectMind at the 2017 Martial Arts SuperShow

Feature Focus: Search and Filter Available Facilities

Spin Class for Beginners

Summer Parks Programs for Staying Fit

Generate Customer Tax Receipts

Entrepreneurship in Parks and Recreation

Holding Position: Keeping Retention Rates High in your Yoga Classes

Introducing the New PerfectMind Point-of-Sale | PerfectMind

Lighting Integration with Musco Sports & SkyLogix

Perfect Partners: The City of Medicine Hat | PerfectMind

How to Create Community Ambassadors for your Park System

Growing Together: Starting Community Garden Projects

New Features Release June 2017

The All-in-One Facility: How Multipurpose Recreation Facilities Succeed

Supporting Seniors in Community Programming

What PerfectMind Clients Should Know About the WannaCry Ransomware Attack

Celebrating Legacies at WRPA 2017

How do I Optimize my Rec Center Website for Search Engines?

Unprecedented Win: 21 Cities in BC Unanimously Select PerfectMind

Business Gains: Improving the Layout of your Fitness Center

Endurance Training for Long-Distance Running

Cultivating Community Connections at BCRPA 2017

Increasing Local Support for Park Programs

Experiencing, Building, and Engaging at PROntario 2017

The Right Fit in your Fitness Instructor Staff

Growing Member Involvement with Online Communities

PerfectMind at URPA 2017

3 Ways to Educate Your Community on Conservation

Springing Forward at CPRS 2017

4 Automated Workflows for your Recreation Facility

Stampeding Toward Success at TRAPS 2017

Announcing New PayPal Integration

Promoting Active Living at your Parks and Rec Organization

Selling More Fitness Memberships through Motivation

Using Dance Competition to Grow your Studio

New Features Release March 2017

Using PayPal to Simplify Online Shopping at your Fitness Centre

Big Bite of the Little Apple at KRPA 2017

How to Maximize Your Parks & Rec Conference Experience

Creating a Great Google My Business Listing for your Yoga Studio

Gearing up for the New Year from Burnaby, BC | PerfectMind

Soaring to New Heights at IAPD 2017

Member-Based Business Must-Haves for 2017

5 Children’s Health Groups Inspiring the Next Generation

2016: End of Year Recap | PerfectMind

Activate, Don’t Hibernate: Winter Activities to Keep you Fit

Growing Community with Recreation Management Software

New Features Release January 2017

Converting Drop-ins into Long-term Members

Supporting Your Communities’ Diverse Needs with Subsidies

Baby, It’s Cold Outside! Indoor Activities in the Winter Season

Look Behind the Scenes on Your Smart Dashboard

10 Parks & Rec Events You Don't Want to Miss in 2017

Management in Parks & Rec: An Employee's Perspective

New Features Release November 2016

5 Fitness Advocates Making Us Healthier

Technology: Your Park Ranger's New Best Friend

The Man-y Benefits of Yoga for Men

Charting the Course Forward at ARPA 2016

New Features Release October 2016

Perfect Partners: The Richmond Olympic Oval | PerfectMind

Inspiring Change Together at NRPA 2016

Making Your Recreation Facility Social Media Friendly

The Future is Here, DreamIT with PerfectMind at MISA BC 2016

Free Gym Trial Memberships vs Discounting: Which Strategy is Better

A Season of New Changes at PerfectMind

The Delegate's Guide to NRPA 2016: What to See & Do

New Features Release September 2016

How to Open your own Yoga Studio

Building a World Class Olympic Facility: Inside the Richmond Oval

Generating Revenue for your Recreation Facility with Online Sales

A Hot Time for Change - PerfectMind at APRA2016

New Features Release August 2016

What is Parks and Recreation Management Software?

What to Look for in Dance School Management Software

Helping Your Community During Disasters

Choosing Equipment for Your Indoor Fitness Facility

5 Innovative Recreation Facilities Leading the Way

Modernizing Music Lessons

10 Summer Parks and Recreation Programs for Kids

Getting Schools Involved with Parks and Recreation

Balancing Recreation and Conservation

New Features Release June 2016

How Parks Improve Our Lives and Communities

Digital Dance Class: Improving Classes with Online Booking and Scheduling

Membership Pricing Strategies for Fitness Clubs

Parks Heroes: Celebrating Parks and Rec Workers

WRPA 2016: Intersecting Health & Fun

New Features Release May 2016

How Can Recreation Facilities Improve My Community?

Elevating Recreation in Beautiful Whistler, BC

Why software integration is so beneficial for your organization

5 Top Parks Conservation Initiatives

Why Employee Feedback is So Important in Parks and Recreation

CRD Board Approves Award of Recreation Software Contract

PROntario: Educational Forum & Tradeshow

5 Ways to Improve Customer Service at Your Recreation Centre

IPRA 2016: I'm a park & rec kid!

PerfectMind’s Market Expansion and Customer Acquisitions Drive Industry-Leading Growth 

New Features Release April 2016

Bookkeeping Fundamentals for your Member-Based Business

5 Tips for Looking for Parks and Recreation Jobs

New Features Release March 2016

CPRS: Level Up Conference & Expo

Growing your Dance Studio on a Budget

TRAPS: The Sand, Seas & Strategies for Tomorrow Institute and Expo

Millennial March: Growing Program Involvement with Millennials

Preventing Membership Cancellations - A Proactive Approach

Sprung Spring: Seasonal Activities for Parks and Recreation

What Should I Teach in My Yoga Class?

New Features Release February 2016

Effective Outreach Strategies for your Community

Soaring to New Heights at IAPD/IPRA 2016

Keeping Gym Members Motivated

Digital Marketing for Parks and Recreation

Tracking and Implementing Organizational Goals

5 Parks and Recreation Conferences to Attend in 2016

New Features Release December 2015

How to Create Conservation Program

5 Cities Making the World a Better Place

5 School Programs to Start in the New Year

How Can I Improve My Local Community

Your Golf Course: Good as a Hole-in-One

City Moving to Online Registration for Recreation Programs

[Webinar] Connecting your Parks and Rec. Community with the Right Marketing Channels | PerfectMind

Top Parks and Recreation Programs and What Makes Them Great

Using Holiday Activities to Connect with your Recreation Members

How To Manage Change within Your Organization

New Features  Release November 2015

Creating the Best Music Lesson Plans for Middle School

Getting Back to Nature at ARPA 2015

5 Tips for Interviewing for Parks and Recreation Jobs

How to Write an RFP for Membership Management Software

5 Ways to Increase Studio Dance Enrollment

Step It Up: Making Walking a Priority with the Surgeon General

5 Ways to Use Technology to Engage with your Students

5 Most Engaging Parks and Recreation Groups in America

CIOReview Recognizes PerfectMind’s Customer Relationship Management Software | PerfectMind

BUILD IT at MISA BC 2015 Conference

5 Easy to Start Green Initiatives

Parks and Recreation Jobs

Follow the Spotlight to FRPA 2015

Extracurricular activities for High School Students

Enable Self Check In for Members at Events

The Importance of Local Parks

New Features Release August 2015

Upgrading to Web-Based Gym Management Software

Teaching Students with Autism

New Calendar Release August 2015

Rules and Regulations

Increase sales with a Promo Code

What is PaaS?

5 Governing Parks and Recreation Associations to Know

Find Products and People in Your Cart

[Webinar] Mapping your Workflow Engine to Increase Productivity and Efficiency | PerfectMind

Tips for Membership-Based Businesses - Opening a New Gym or Studio

PerfectMind Continues to Win Major Public Sector Enterprise Clients in Canada and the U.S. | PerfectMind

[Webinar] Providing the Best Online Booking Experience for your Community | PerfectMind

5 Volunteer Positions in Parks and Recreations

Display Temporary Messages

Things to Know About Grant Funding

Great Initiatives to Run for Rec and Parks Month

Reuse Partial Label Sheets to Print IDs

June is Recreation and Parks Month

5 Summer Vacations without Leaving the U.S.

Turn a Refund into a Credit

Positive Ways to Deal With Negative Reviews

Summer Activities for Parks and Recreation Organizations

Centralize Family Member Profiles & Accounts

Certification Programs for Recreation Professionals

Encouraging Teamwork

Winner of New Enterprise Clients in Parks and Recreation, and Healthcare | PerfectMind

Activating Communities for Healthy Living at BCRPA 2015

Make a Quick Sale with the Walk-In Button

3 Ways to Use eLearning

Transforming Communities at the WRPA 2015 Conference

Customize Your Membership Templates

Partnering with Local Business

Cutting Overhead Costs for Small Business

Member-management software to run fast-growing chain of weight-management outlets | PerfectMind

Turning Your Community into Volunteers

PROntario 2015: Eat Better, Sleep Better and Move More

[Webinar] Google: Maximizing What the World's Largest Search Engine Offers for Free

Made a mistake while editing your web page?

Engaging Small Business as an Enterprise

Superheros of the Community at the CPRS 2015 Conference & Expo

Upload a member's Photo from your Smartphone

Why You Need to Know Your Local Parks and Recreation Groups

Keep your inventory up to date -- use the Purchase Order app to save time!

[Webinar] Connecting Your Community | PerfectMind

5 Tips for Successful Health Club Owners

5 Reasons to Run

Sell Memberships Directly from Check-in

PerfectMIND 4.2 Feature Release

How to Make Your Business Stand Out

Billing Direct makes your billing easier, faster and ultra-affordable.

PerfectMIND 4.2 New Feature Release Training Webinar

5 Gym Exercises You Haven't Tried

Tip of the Week: The Convenience of Going Green - Saving Files and Documents

Attracting Groups as Members

Tip of the Week: The Convenience of Going Green with Emailed Receipts

The 5 Most Beautiful State Parks

Parks and Recreation Software Must-Have Checklist

Tip of the Week: The Convenience of Going Green with Digital Signatures

[Webinar] 5 Things You Must Know Before Selecting Your Next Recreation Management Software | PerfectMind

Outdoor Apparel to Invest In

[Webinar] How to Create a Free Google My Business Listing that Gets Results | PerfectMind

Tip of the Week - Specify Employee Pay Rates

How to Learn From Competition

Tip of the Week - Work Smarter By Utilizing the Favorite Function

10 Health Benefits of an Outdoor Lifestyle

Need to reschedule due to weather?

PerfectMIND 4.1 Feature Release

What Makes a Business Last?

Tip of the Week - Self Check-In


Winter Vegetables for Healthy Eating

Wishing You Happiness This Holiday Season and a Prosperous New Year!

[Webinar] Has Your School Leveled Off And Now You Feel Stuck?

Say Goodbye to Your Filing Cabinet!

How to Do a Handstand

Tip of the Week - Develop and Convert a Lead

Building A Community

December 2014 New Feature Release

Optimize Your Search Engine Settings

Attracting/Keeping Older Members

[Webinar] Build a Referral Engine That’s Guaranteed to Grow Your Business!

Email Marketing

Tip of the Week - Send Automated Emails to Contacts Behind on Payments

Laura Nugent, Hot Yoga Peterborough

Using Photos on Social Media

Tip of the Week - Increase Holiday Sales with a Promo Code

5 Tips to Successfully Open A New School or Studio

October 2014 New Feature Release

[Webinar] How to Save Membership Cancellations: 3 Straightforward Strategies

[Webinar] Selling Is Not About Selling, It's About Educating

[Webinar] SMART Goal Setting: The First Step To Achievement

[Webinar] 5 Email Tips To Beat The Summer Drought At Your School

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