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Partnering with Local Businesses

Partnering with Local Business

Partnering up with local businesses can be a great way to get your organization in the forefront of your clients' minds. While many companies may not think that the average person could be following their day-to-day activities, many local businesses and potential customers do. On top of that, local businesses are a great source for potential members and supporters. Cross-promotions and partnerships are a great way to piggyback on your local businesses that have established followings, while also helping to support your community.


Here are several ways on how to partner up with local businesses and why:




Teaming up with a local business for a cross-promotion campaign can be mutually beneficial to both groups. Pick a local business that is in line with your organization; health, fitness, sustainability or lifestyle brands are a few good choices. You can promote their brands - perhaps even by selling their products at your community centers - and have them promote your brand. A social media campaign can be a great, simple way to create these relationships. An Instagram takeover (in which one of these brands takes control of your Instagram feed for a given amount of time) can be a great way to get exposure to their following, as well as boosting the quality of your own images.




Collaborations can be a great way to get involved with your local small business community. When hosting an event, see how local businesses could get involved. Hiring your local specialty providers is an easy way to make this happen. Host an event where you bring in a local cold-pressed juice shop, a yoga shop, or an active wear line. Even if they're merely in the background serving up what they do best, their social media activity will boost your public image and exposure. Event-based relationships like these often result in new opportunities to collaborate, through press material, future events and community organizations.



Complimentary Products and Services

If you have facilities that sell products, see where it would be appropriate for you to carry local businesses' products. A gym or yoga studio can sell nut milks, juices and granola bars made by local companies. Parks and recreation organizations can offer up a mix of products, from food to clothing. Many cities have local active wear companies that would jump at the chance of being involved.



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