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[Webinar] Connecting Your Community | PerfectMind

You are the hub for connecting the people in your community. But how effective are your current marketing efforts at bringing together your community members, increasing community involvement and delivering exceptional customer experiences?

The focus of this webinar is on best practices for creating and amplifying strong, lasting relationships within your community. Through implementing a number of simple, effective and efficient practices you can quickly turn participants into loyal customers, and loyal customers into life-long advocates.

Uncover the secrets to connecting your community through:

  • Marketing automation
  • Educating your community based on their interest
  • Having more successful programs by educating your audience
  • Having better show up rate by automated reminders
  • Building one-on-one relationships


By implementing an effective marketing strategy, you will not only create a more profitable and financially stable organization, but will in turn create a healthier, more engaged community for your members.


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About the Presenter

Farid Dordar is the CEO and Founder of PerfectMIND, the world’s leader in member management solutions. Since founding PerfectMIND 15 years ago, he has grown the company to a client base of over 5,000 worldwide customers, with over 100 employees, and has been acknowledge twice on Profit’s list of Fastest Growing Companies.


His accomplishments are not only limited to the world of business and technology. Farid is a former World kickboxing Champion who has dedicated his life in helping people to pursue an active life.

Farid has consulted thousands of organizations and franchises on the best practices for systematizing their business, has a strong understanding of the business tools needed to grow a successful community, and experience in fostering meaningful relationships with customers.


Video Transcript


Hello, everyone, welcome to today's webinar on connecting your community. My name is Moira Van den Akker, I'm the marketing specialist here at PerfectMIND. We have a nice surprise for you today. Our presentation will be held by Farid Dordar our CEO who will be stepping in for Vahid. Farid is the CEO and founder of PerfectMIND, the world's leader in member management solutions. Since founding PerfectMIND 15 years ago, he has grown the company to a client base of over 5,000 worldwide customers with over 100 employees, and has been acknowledged twice on Profit's list of the fastest growing companies. His accomplishments are not only limited to the world of business and technology. Farid is a former world kickboxing champion who has dedicated his life to helping people pursue an active life. Farid has consulted 1,000s of organizations and franchises on the best practices for systematizing their business, has a strong understanding of the business tools needed to grow a successful community and experience in fostering meaningful relationships with customers. Without further ado I'll hand it over to Farid to start the presentation.


Good morning everyone; thanks for the great introduction Moira. Vahid was actually doing a presentation in the United States and I was able to prepare going back over his great topics and thought that we didn't want to disappoint you now that you're here. Let me start by telling you what this webinar is about and what's going to happen in the next one hour or so. Basically, I'm going to actually go through some of the stuff, some of the methodology of marketing on the slide. And then I'm going to actually show you in PerfectMIND Tools, how we do certain things. So those of you who are interested to actually see a presentation of PerfectMIND, a full presentation of PerfectMIND, when it comes to activity registration, facility booking and all of the great stuff you do every day in your organization…this webinar is not about that, and we're going to do more webinars in the future and we've decided to break these webinars into separate topics. This topic of today is all about connecting your community and how you will work with your community members, whether they're volunteers or actual customers and clients, and employees to improve your whole community involvement. Let me start by going to my slide here and what is really marketing? Marketing's a form of communication. Any type of communication you have with your staff, with your customers, with your prospects; that's called communications' market. And really, it's not all about lead generation and getting new customers or being able to increase revenue, but it's also communicating your values. What are the things you believe in? What are the values your organization presents? And do you have a brand policy within your organization that you like to communicate? And branding is about not only what you do or how you do it and how you compete with other places or other private sectors in your community, but also why you do what you do every day? And that sometimes is actually more important.


And then obviously your services, if you have new programs running that you want to promote, if you have a current program that you're running for example a gymnastics program that is very successful, there are champions coming out of your programs, they're competing, parents are happy bringing their kids because they see their children are progressing within your courses and programs. So, those are the services you offer. So communication, marketing communication is about all 3 things; communicating your values, your brand and the services that you have… And what is not is marketing is about is not just about lead generation and increasing revenue. So, why market? Because for every organization that exists, it's important that you are able to send out your offerings to everyone within your community. Why should only 10 or 100 people know about it, why not 1,000s?




And because in the world of social media, there is so much information out there… I think yesterday actually I was talking to a gentlemen who was helping us here with PR and he was saying there is 72 hours of Youtube video content gets added every minute just to Youtube. Imagine with all these information, blogs, Youtube videos, content on Facebook, the consumers are really getting overloaded with information, so when it comes to what you offer within your organization, and you're saying nothing and sitting back just hoping that someone walks by and understands what you do or they're used to actually coming to your offering and taking your courses, you slowly come out of what exists in their minds and they start looking somewhere else for similar programs. You have to really believe in your offerings and if you do you do believe in marketing, because you want to now promote that and send it to more people.


Other reasons? Promoting activities and healthy lifestyle, I think we have a great chance in community centers to really improve the lifestyles of our community members by encouraging them to take multiple activities that might not be at where they can do, and promoting a healthy lifestyle is not all about them coming and taking your courses but could may be a blog that you put out on your website that really educates people about a healthy lifestyle and so promoting activities and a healthy style is not only a great way to market to your community but also it makes you feel good because you're doing something so great for the people in your community. And the third one is something that most of you might not think about it, and I've been doing presentations all across North America and I've been talking about this a lot. Learning from private sectors is a good thing. If you go here to a gym or fitness facility, they're constantly promoting what they do and not only the programs they offer and the beautiful facility that they have, but also how the programs have helped their members to take the next level. In order to compete with private sectors in all areas of the sports and activities, you really need to market yourself more and become a little bit like them. Because they're promoting a lot…they're using social media, they're using leads, they're using all dollars, you have inbounds and outbounds, and they're going crazy to market what they do and when it comes to Parks and Recs, we see very little. So, I think it's important.


Attracting great people to join your organization, so again marketing's not all about lead generation and increasing revenue or the bottom-line profit. It's also…when you're talking about your values or your brand, when you start marketing yourself better you will attract better people within your organization. Whether it's a front-desk person that wants to come and work for you, or it's a marketing director that's interested to join an organization, they don't start thinking, "Oh, okay these guys are really not branded properly, or they're not really communicating their values to the community, so is this really a good place for me to work at?" So, attracting more people, great people to join your organization, it could be also another reason why you should start thinking about marketing. Now, let's go over some of the marketing methodologies that you're probably aware of.


A traditional methodology which we all lived for, by for years, I remember when I had my very small business that we couldn't even actually promote anything unless we put an ad in the newspaper, the local paper. Or going to your Yellow Page rep and asking them to put a quarter ad into the Yellow Pages, so traditional methodology is all about ads in the newspaper and brochures and also walk-ins, and locations, so location matters in traditional matters. So, where you are, where you're located did matter. The more traffic that you were under…you were in, the more clients you would attract to your business. Today, of course methodology is changing. Now, I added one thing here to the traditional methodology called website. For some of you that might not sound like a traditional, but really it is, because there are a lot of websites out there, and there are more informative websites.




So, what they do is they'll go and take the brochure and put it out there instead of a paper they put on the website. So, that's really focusing on the traditional methodology of marketing, not the inbound which I'm going to talk about next. So, what is the inbound methodology? The best way to turn strangers into members and promoters of your organization is the inbound. So, the inbound is all about education. It's not about buying the list and hitting the list, so knowing all of your citizens within your city and getting their emails and sending them a marketing material, or a flyer, or sending them your brochure. It's about who is really interested in you, and people start getting interested in your organization when you start giving them something for free and when you start educating them about things that are important to them. So, the inbound methodology was probably born by "Hubspot", that's what I thought you know, I'm going to put a logo for that, this is done by "Hubspot," and they started this whole movement about inbound and it's all about attracting strangers. People who might not be interested in your organization at all today…by educational blogs, by having the right keywords on your websites, by posting relevant again articles or e-books as a post in your pages in your Facebook pages and your twitter and attracting complete strangers to become subscribers of your organization.


What I mean by subscribers, subscribers mean strangers who come maybe perhaps to your website and they're just reading educational materials, but they're not really necessary interested to take any courses from you or join any programs or come to your swimming pool. So, the inbound has created a new way of attracting new customers by really educating the customers, so perhaps those education materials can be about healthy lifestyles, about how drinking 8 glasses of water a day is going to help you to stay healthier and how does that really help you, so all those education materials could be coming from your organization, from your website, from your channels to help to attract new customers. Then the issue became after attracting all of these people that come to your website, reading about materials and getting educated was about converting them to actual customers or what we call "sales ready leads," and "sales ready prospects," or people who are ready to join. Now in order to do that again there are a whole bunch of techniques on inbound marketing that we can talk about a little later or show you, through forums and calls to actions and having the proper landing pages that actually target a certain consumer…people who are interested maybe in swimming pool or people who are interested in bring their kids to a soccer game or softball programs. So, being able to convert them, it became also important and the idea obviously, there's a whole bunch of emails and workflows that help to continuously keep in touch with all of these strangers that now are turned into prospects, and bringing them back and making sure they come to your programs and actually register online or come on location and register.


So, again the inbound methodology is quite different from outbound methodology which is the traditional way. And it's all about education, and it's about having the right tools on your website, in your marketing team if you have one and being able to educate people to attract them to your organization. And then you count the most important one, I find this the most important for you guys, again retention methodology. You already have customers, you already have members, are they happy with you when they come to your center? Are they enjoying the programs? Are they getting a great service when they come to your place? Do you even know if they're getting a service or if they're happy? Because we know for fact if they're happy they will also refer others, not only to your facility but also to the programs their children are taking. So customer delight, it becomes important. The second one is student program, remember, you are, yes you offer activities and programs, yes it's a city program, but…




At the same time, students who come and join your program, they must see progress. The parents who are sitting there watching their kids they still have to be able say, "Okay, this is great. I'll bring my child here, and I can actually see her progressing through the program after the 2 months or 3 months that I brought her here. This does make sense. I don't have to take her to a private martial arts school. I don't have to take her to private dance schools. This dance program in this center is great! This gymnastics program works great! I can see the progress." Obviously, now you need to have the certain tools to give to your coaches and instructors so they can keep track of student progress, because that progress is very important. Instead of focusing on outbound marketing or inbound and bringing in strangers, let's focus on the members and customers that we already have and make sure that they're happy and they're progressing! And with progress I mean, they're actually progressing in the programs and the courses that they're taking, and being able for them to successfully complete a course or a level and move onto the next level. And part of the retention methodology, some of the tools we can use is also automated reminders…if somebody books for a class or for a program or for a private class, automated reminders really helps. It helps not only to make sure they show up to the courses and to the program, but is also helps for you to keep in touch with them, so they know you care and you're interested for them to come to the programs that they paid for.


Last but not least, come back for more! When somebody comes, I took my child for swimming private lessons actually in West Vancouver Rec Center, am I going to go back again there? And am I going to take also my other daughter to take the same program? So, marketing towards me as a parent to make sure that I can come back for more programs and more successful programs, and also helping me to make a decision so I can bring my other family members to your center, it becomes important! You don't need to go anywhere, you've got me. I'm coming there. I'm bringing my daughter there. So promote other things to me, make sure I understand what other things are available to me or my other family members. So, come back for more, it becomes very important. Now, we're going to have some question and answer at the end, but before we do that I'm going to go back to actually show you PerfectMIND Tools and tell you some of the things we do in our program.


Now again, this webinar is not about showing you our software, but showing you sections of our product and the tools that can help you with your marketing effort. When you come to PerfectMIND, PerfectMIND platform as a service is actually the only platform in the market for Parks and Recreation centers that supports complete marketing automations, a complete CMS, which is called Content Management System, and a complete email integrated solution. So, I'm going to start with the email sections, and tell you how that works so you can see what are the possibilities. Now, our email application is about organization yourself, it's about organization your marketing effort, but our email application does something more. It does a little bit more than just about marketing. Actually it helps you also with your customer service. It can actually help you organizing all of your organizations when it comes to communications. So, you can simply create folders on the left side to organize your organizations, and you can name them whatever you want. In this case we have customer service, we have a whole bunch of newsletters in there; you can create your own newsletters with your own templates. Let me just show you some samples here. You can create a folder called prospecting that you can put all of your nurturing in there, and you can also put things like seasonal stuff like happy anniversary or happy birthday or I miss you when somebody doesn't show up to a program. These things have become really important, because again marketing is about communication. It's about personalizing your communication with individuals. So, this tool really organizes you on the left side with the folders and allowing to organize first of all the structure that you will follow and that other staff members within your organization will follow, which is really important. Now, the second thing that you will see here is called "from." Who do you want this email to go from?




Now, because our tool really allows you to do individual emails as well as bulk emails, there are certain rules with bulk emails. First of all for example in Canada especially there's a Castle Program where you are not allowed to send people who have not subscribed to your list, and it would be considered spam and there's actually a penalty for it. So our system, our email application has already in the background has been integrated with all of these rules and policies, so we will not actually allow you to make mistakes in case you're sending an email to a list of 150 people and maybe 30 of them have not really subscribed to your list it will not send it to those people. I think that's really an important point for you to know, because if tomorrow you start using your Outlook and doing your communications, that's not a good way of doing it. Now one thing with our email that I find really great is also you can change your "from" and instead of sending it to a mass email of 100s and 1,000s, you can actually personalize your email. So, this email can go from "info at your center dot com," and it's really easy to create your account, all you do is you go here to where the account's set up and you create a new account. You fill this out, you give it a name and then we give you two choices. You can use PerfectMIND mass emailing service where it sends it for you, you can actually also connect to your business account, so if you're interested to use your Outlook email outgoing or if you're using a telecommunication company like Intellus or Bell or Verizon, you can actually set up your own email here with your own username and password and the email will go out from that account…really personalized.


Now, go back to the email again, this is how you set up basically how you send the "from" emails. One thing about our email application that I want to show you that's really important is not the setup but it's the "smartlist." The "smartlist" is what actually…it's something that creates matches. The way it works is you create any kind of list you want within your organization, so for example I've got some examples here. For example active clients, all kinds within email list, bring your friends and family lists, you can have membership expires in 7 days…you can create unlimited types of lists. So you can have a teens' list, so all of your clients who are teenagers from a certain age will show up here. You can have today's birthday, so if I pick for example today's birthday and if I pick an email letter here, happy birthday email, so if I pick this, and because I pick here, and I'm going to pick today's birthday…what the system is going to do, it's going to check and see under all of your clients that you've got here, whose birthday is today and when it finds a match it will send this email to them, really nice and really professional. Now, you can imagine what kind of things you can do with your lists. With your smartlist can say, everybody who finished this course, you can say everybody who has not showed up maybe in the last 3 months or 6 months and let me promote towards them, so you can really personalize your emails, and you can really go base on what is it you need to do, who has what kind of interest for your center and send them those exact emails that will be fitting their need. Instead of sending a mass email to everyone, you would really customize that here and the smartlist is really powerful.


Now, when it comes to the email application there are also a few options at the bottom that you see within our client application and it's really powerful. For example you can hit send to an email address once, so incase if a parent comes in and they have their own account and somebody else comes, but they also give you the same address, you know you don't want to send them sometimes the same email to send them 5 emails if you're trying to send the email to 5 members. The system is really smart, if you check that in those kinds of cases it knows what to do. Then it comes to social sharing which is I think is really powerful with our system. What social sharing does is as soon as you pick this, and you select this, every email that goes out, of course you don't want to do that if you're sending an email to one person or two persons, because sharing doesn't make sense in this case, but if you're sending them marketing material. For example, you're promoting your spring season or your summer season.




You want everyone to get it. It's important that you make it by this checkbox, create a social sharing where people can actually share your email with everyone within their network. It's a great way to distribute and to communicate this with everyone around your network. Now how does this actually work? Obviously when you're sending somebody an email, they cannot share that on their post on their Facebook. So what we do is as soon as you pick this, it will actually create a page for your exact email with all of your icons already in there and that helps for the customer to click on a link and be able to share it with their friends on their social networks, so real easy to do! And then it comes to auto-send. This is where it gets really powerful this email application. So, you can send, you can say I want to send this email on this date because sometimes certain emails are date sensitive and they will give you the dates and times you can send it in. You can see when the criteria are met, and when are criteria are met means this list. So, if the criteria are today's birthday is 5 people, for today the criteria are that and this email goes out. You can make it even more powerful and say, "Hey, if I send this birthday card to someone for this year, I don't want to send it again next year." That's too cheesy, that's not personalized, so I want to do is I want say send this only one time, not every time the criteria are met.


But if I'm sending a collection letter when someone is overdue, haven't paid their due, or if I'm sending someone a notice about if the course has ended and they have to do something or come and see us and register for another course with a different level of course then obviously I will pick every time the criteria is met and that email is okay to go out again and again and again and have some personalization to it. Now again as I said our application here is very powerful. And I can even have repeat auto-sends, you can repeat it every week, every month, every year, and you can have it start and expire it as well so it doesn't go forever, or you can say how many times to send it…really powerful. Now, we bring the power of today's Outlook which you're probably using to send emails, and then also combine it with all of these email applications that are out there like Constant Contact and there's a whole bunch of applications out there that helps with your mass emailing, but we bring them altogether in one place and the reason is this. When you use a third party email application out there that is not integrated into your clients, well then they don't speak to each other. So, if I have all of my clients here I know who they are. These could be the people who are actually interested in me and are taking courses and the system will know about it. But if you actually are going and doing that and exporting and importing, then that job is not going to work because then you're criteria won't match and is not ongoing and is not automated, so we thought to actually bring you this great tool, so you can actually do all of your emailing needs here.


Now, the other things that you can do with your email application, that I also talked about was part of the retention methodology and the inbound methodology is nurturing. Nurturing is about being able to communicate with your customers or your prospects about certain areas of focus. So, for example if somebody just joined today and took a course, you want to welcome them and you want to make sure that you're happy to see them in your center. Maybe, you have some extra information you want to send them about your center. Maybe you want to send them your policy, so that's you nurturing that client. If the client has been here for a month or two months then maybe you want to send them a survey knowing how they're doing, whether the program is successful for them or not. Maybe three months later you want to send them another email and see again if they have any friends or customers that they can actually also refer them to you, so they can also come join you and take your program. All of these efforts of marketing and nurturing can be automated through PerfectMIND's email application. That's what makes it really powerful. Enough about email let me talk a little bit about our CMS. Again, if you remember when we're talking about the inbound marketing; inbound marketing was also about landing pages, it's about having different groups coming to different pages so you can keep track because one side of marketing is communication but the other side of it is really mathematical. It's measurement. It's being able to measure what you are doing good or not within your organizations and again we kind of take care of both sides of that.




So here you can really organize your pages, you can actually create forms, different types of forms that target different groups; you can connect these forms to different campaigns within your organization so you know how your marketing campaigns are actually doing. You can embed these forms and put them on your current websites, or you can use our CMS and put them on our own website, so there are a whole bunch of things you can do here. If you have a webmaster obviously they're helping you do this, and if you're using PerfectMIND marketing services we actually do all of these things for you, so we can have multiple locations and you want to kind of separate some of your locations to be a little bit more specialized. So, if this location has only a swimming pool and another location is all about golf, maybe you want to have two separate pages on them. You can actually do that, and then change the theme for them. It's really powerful, again, take different themes, take the business theme and it gives you more options on your website and more customizations.


So, our CMS is all about creating forms, creating landing pages, being able to connect them to campaigns and one of the other things that we do is the lounge setting. Lounge is an application that we have online, so let me show you that. So, basically we have a whole bunch of applications that helps you with your marketing effort on your own website. You know whether you actually embed these things on your website, or allow for us to build them for you, both are possible. We can do that, and lounge is this application here. It's basically a social wall. It helps you to really get your community involved with things you do in your organization. So you can actually do your blogging in there. I really like this application Life Happens, sometimes I get too busy to exercise or I don't feel like eating healthy, or I have bigger priorities than going to the gym some days. So, this article is about educating your strangers coming joining your system. It could actually also be educating your current members, which is really cool. And then you make it social, you allow people to put comments and all of that within the organization. On the lounge application as you can see, people can actually connect to their Facebook account, so they don't have to log-in every time. They can actually with their Facebook come and like this and that will show up on their Facebook as well. Our lounge application is completely integrated into their Facebook where most consumers are and you put that into your website.


Now, on the left side here, on the setting part I was going to show you the lounge setting. So, what happens here is you can actually synchronize it with your Facebook. When you synchronize Facebook with your lounge, everything that happens on your pages will show up on your lounge. And everything that shows up on your lounge will be moved automatically, integrated in your Facebook page. So, when someone comes here and a whole bunch of conversation is happening on your Facebook page, you will see them on your website as well. It's good to have the traffic coming into your website and not then leave to other websites because what you want to do is promote other things within in your organization. Maybe, you want to help them book into the facility, right, maybe you want them to register for an activity, so you really don't want them to leave. So, that's the reason behind the lounge being on your website. It's really important. Now, we talked about the campaign management, the CMS, the email application, but one thing we haven't talked about is about my third methodology which is called retention methodology. How do you keep people coming back? How do you make sure that they're successful at your programs within your organization? And how do you give that tool to your instructors so they can and they're able to actually promote and help the students to progress within their classes? Let me show you this application that we've developed that's called "check-in." First of all this check-in application is an application that you can give completely to your staff, to your instructors and to your coaches. They could be a full-timer or a part-timer. They can run this application full screen on their I-pad so they don't have to actually on their I-phone or on their mobile, so they don't need to sit behind a desktop and do this.




The reason we built this check-in is because it had multiple purposes. A lot of times it's about attendance or if you have a scanner at the front and people are scanning their cards or they're coming through a turn stall, and they're logging in, however you support your check-in applications to be automated checking people in, we do support all of those hardware, but in case you can also do it manually. So, if I go to my class today and those instructors, first of all I have a rating. Unfortunately, this is not a great sample here because I don't have all of the information here. The rating, the way it helps with the coaches and instructors it tells them what kind of classes are running and the way it does it is by knowing who is coming back to this class or not. So, you can actually set this up ahead of time for your whole organization and say, "If people are not showing up here, let's call them C members. If they're coming up enough, let's call them D members, or A members." We actually really help to know what kind of organization you run. It's also a great way to call the city, the neighbor's city and say, "Hey, by the way if you have 5,000 members and I've got a similar number of members, how many of them are A? Meaning, they're coming back perhaps at least 5 or 6 times to your center." And then compare yourself with the other organization to know how you are doing, or how your programs are doing. So, it's a good way to really measure the progress of the students and the members, and know if they're happy and coming back or not.


Another section here is called promotions, so in case you offer ranks. I know I took my daughter to a swimming lesson and there is level 1, level 2, and level 3 and I think so, if you're a beginner you cannot go into intermediate classes. Our program, our software actually handles all of that, but it also gives you a way for instructing coaches to promote students. So, if you finish the course and want to complete the course, you can actually go in there and complete the course and being able to rate members. So, if I go here for example and say complete the course, let's say if I have this swimming course, I can say did they pass or they didn't pass? And the system will automatically know the ones who have been promoted or passed the course or completed the course, now they can go as a prerequisite to another course at a higher level. So, we actually manage it as well. I gave you an example of a swimming course, but I can give you a whole bunch of other examples. Dancing schools, and dance programs actually they manage their students by levels. Martial arts schools they manage their students by levels of ranks and belts; you have white belt, yellow belt, black belts… So giving this ability and your tool to your coaches and your instructors, not only do they appreciate that they are part of this amazing organization, but it also gives them the help they need to really know where the students stand. Are they doing better? Are they doing worse? Are they progressing? Are they promoting? And if you noticed, there's a whole bunch of automated notification within this application, so it's not just about attending and promoting someone, but it's also about all of these notifications that show up, for example your membership is frozen. So, you give that power to the members. So, there are a whole bunch of things that people can do with the check-in application. It's really powerful. Other things you can do to give that power to the coaches is to send the members emails. I want to send an email to all of the non-attendees, I want to send an SMS to all of the non-attendees and the great thing about it again is it's all integrated.


As soon as I said non-attendees, look what happened here. It actually brought those non-attendees' emails in here, so I can send them an email that says, "I miss you in the class today," and send them this email. It's the power of communication, so we talked about marketing…marketing is just not marketing towards strangers, but is also your current members. Being able to communicate with them, giving that tool to your members so they can…to your instructors and coaches, so they have the power to stay in touch with their members, the members of their courses and their programs…so they can keep track of their progress and PerfectMIND handles all 3. It helps you with your outbound marketing; it helps you with your inbound marketing and it also helps you with your retention marketing altogether within the same beautiful platform. Now, again today wasn't about showing different parts of the application, definitely we do presentation daily across North America, actually now recently across the world.




And if you're interested to get more presentation, I'm definitely more than happy to give you a custom presentation for your organization whether it's 2 people, 5 people, 25 people sitting there behind the computer, or you're welcome always to join us in our office here and if you're more interested in our software or there are more cities involved in the presentation, we can always fly to your city and give you a one on one presentation as well. I'm going to turn this now into question and answer. So, if you have any question and answer, now is a good time. So, I'm going to just wait for a second for your question to come and while you're doing that let me see if I can…perfect… So Moira is going to read your questions to me and we'll take it from there.


Moira van den Akker
Moira van den Akker

Moira is the Marketing Specialist for PerfectMind. Since joining the team, she has lead many initiatives for the company, such as marketing automation, branding and content marketing. Moira has an International Business, Marketing and Communications degree from Simon Fraser University and also studied at Maastricht University in Holland. She loves staying active, is a yoga instructor and plays soccer as a hobby. Her passion for people and travel inspires her to explore the world to learn more about different cultures and history.

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