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Drive More Members to Your Studio with Video

Social media marketing is something we’ve touched on many times, due to its importance in a modern marketing plan and strategy. It’s a free digital tool that can help your studio get noticed, which can be improved by utilizing some of its paid features. Engaging with current and potential students enhances your brand’s public perception, leading to more lead generation.


Most social media platforms have some form of video now, enabling you to get highly visual content from your studio up for the world to see. Here we break down the best way to get started with video marketing, to bring more members to your studio.



Create a Plan


Like any good marketing strategy, the planning phase is the most important. To create an effective video program, you’ll need some expertise and the right equipment. Finding a person on your team who has some experience with video creation can help but anyone interested can also learn, with practice. Create content themes and a schedule, to help structure and organize your content output.


For studios and gyms, how-to videos and tutorials, inside looks, and inspirational content are some of the categories that can work well. This is also the phase where you’ll want to do your research. Taking a look at relevant statistics and guidelines can help lead you in your planning and looking at what your competitors are doing is also helpful.



Budget for Success


The costs for creating video can be relatively small but the costs can significantly increase, if you want to build videos with high production value. A higher-end smartphone that can take high-quality videos is the bare minimum, when it comes to budget, but some studios often utilize professional cameras. Lighting and studio setups can also cost a lot but this might not always be necessary for social media videos.


A professional looking video for your website is different type of asset that will require more capital, as it is a different style of video that is more direct and less dynamic, in terms of turnaround time and ongoing engagement. Promoting your content on social media will also cost money but it can be very effective for businesses looking to attract customers within their target demographic.



Practice and Refine


Your video quality should improve with practice, in addition to simple trial and error. Seeing what types of videos perform well will help you refine your video strategy, as well as highlighting weaknesses on which you can improve. Seeing what is lacking in your videos can help to direct your marketing team towards finding the right type of training for increasing the quality and effectiveness of your content. You may want to improve videos by adding text-over functionality or polish up you post-production, with some production workshops. A/B testing can also benefit your performance analysis, especially if you’re using paid ads to share the videos on social media.



Showcase your Talents


Whether you’re a dance, fitness, music, or yoga studio, there are many opportunities for video content in your regular day-to-day. Taking short clips of an advanced dance class can be very engaging on Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat stories, while having a video tutorial on how to do a particular yoga pose on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube, for example, can bring a lot of attention to your studio. “Live video” functionality is gaining popularity on major social networks, giving you another tool to utilize video to give prospective members a sample of what your studio is like.


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