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Encouraging Teamwork

To find success as an organization, one person cannot do the work on his or her own. Teamwork is an essential part of an efficient and effective group. There are many ways to boost teamwork and, as a leader or team member, it is essential to foster this, to make sure everyone is on the same page.


Here are 4 ways to encourage teamwork in your organization:



Build Teams with Intent

When breaking up your organization into different teams, there are many things to think about. First off, you’ll want to optimize your team in terms of strengths and weaknesses. Complimentary team members can build off one another in a way that makes the team highly effective. Team dynamics and personality types are another thing to consider. Think about how each team member will play off of one another and see if that will hinder or boost team dynamics.



Be Able to Adjust

As good as a team looks on paper, the team dynamics and results will be the biggest point to look at. If something that makes sense in your mind isn’t working out, change it. Whether that’s switching up the teams or talking to the team members so they modify their behavior, an effective leader will freshen things up, if they’re not running as effectively as they should be.



Have Clear Team Objectives

A team needs to know what they’re working towards or else they have no clear direction. A decided course of action can give a well-defined goal that the team can build on and work towards accomplishing. Make sure you communicate the objectives in terms of expectations and make these goals public. Have your team hold each member accountable.



Lead by Example

Be a leader that fosters teamwork, by encouraging collaboration. Collaborative leadership means you will manage the dynamics of your team in a way that allows the team members to succeed individually, while striving to accomplish mutual objectives. Create a feedback loop that allows employees to actively contribute to your business with their expertise, opinions and other personal assets.



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