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Feature Focus: Adjust Multiple Punch Pass Entries at Once

Feature Focus: Adjust Multiple Punch Pass Entries at Once

Nobody likes line-ups and long waits, especially at the gym. Save your customers and staff time when checking in groups of people using punch pass memberships, by adjusting multiple punch pass entries at one time.



Who would use this feature?

If your recreation center has punch pass memberships, your front desk staff will find this feature handy. By default, all user profiles within PerfectMind, except for Public and Everyone, has permission to adjust punch pass entries manually up or down.



How does this feature benefit my staff?

Checking in a large group of customers using a single punch pass membership is tedious when you have to use one pass to repeatedly check in a group of 15, one at a time. Being able to manually change the number of punch passes left on a membership using a simple drop-down menu means much less time spent for group check ins, reducing long line ups!



Nice! Show me how to do it!

  1. View a contact's membership (memberships are displayed at the top of a contact's profile page)
  2. Select the minus button on a membership pass to decrease the number of passes left on it
  3. A pop-up will appear where you can select the number of sessions you want to reduce the punch pass membership by


Read the help file on managing memberships for more information.



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Pei En Thong
Pei En Thong

Pei En Thong is the Marketing Team Lead for PerfectMind. She completed her B.Com in Marketing at the University of British Columbia, which sparked her enthusiasm for content creation and sharing. When not cooking or posting a #foodgram, you’ll find her exploring BC’s scenic routes, enjoying live music, or reading work that keeps her inspired.

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