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Feature Focus: Create Facility Maps for Online Reservations

Imagine how much easier it would be to visually show your customers available spaces and facilities rather than an endless list of options. With our platform, you can! You can create a visual map for any facility – campgrounds, park areas, rec centers, sport fields – you name it. A game-changer for online booking, adding facility maps in PerfectMind makes the reservation experience more efficient and interactive.



Who would use this feature?

Not only will your facility manager love the fresh look facility maps will give to your reservation pages, but your customers are sure to appreciate the interactivity and ease in finding what they're looking for. Created by your admin staff and used by your customers and online users, this feature is a sure crowd pleaser.



How does this feature benefit my customers?

Most of us are visual learners, so what’s not to like about using facility maps to see and explore the spaces you have? With facility maps, your customers are able to conveniently and quickly search the spaces available for rent, see detailed information on hours, amenities, and booking availability.

Using maps, a customer renting your campgrounds can check for nearby showers and washrooms. An independent yoga instructor might pick to rent a room further away from others to minimize noise transfer. Think about accessibility too – with a visual map, customers needing wheelchair access or have mobility limitations can take note of parking spaces, elevators and ramps.



Neat! Show me how it’s done!

  1. Under the Facilities drop down, choose Manage Facility Maps
  2. Click New, and enter name, description, and amenities
  3. Upload a map background image
  4. Select a high-quality image for the map and save
  5. Open the saved map to select the pins you want to appear on the map
  6. Add facilities and move the pins to the appropriate location on the map
  7. As pins are added and moved, their location is automatically saved


Create Facility Maps for Online Reservations


Ready to give your online reservation experience an upgrade? Use our step-by-step guide to add a facility map today.


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