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Lighting Integration with Musco Sports & SkyLogix

An important capability of an enterprise-class software solution is its ability to play nicely with others. For a parks & recreation management platform it is particularly important that the solution integrates with a variety of third-party applications, databases, directories and other systems.


Integration with  popular lighting management systems by Musco Sports and SkyLogix enables organization with one or dozens of facilities to seamlessly automate lighting using PerfectMind.



For which organizations is this integration best suited? 


PerfectMind's new lighting integration is convenient for organizations with outdoor facilities using automated lighting. Facility managers will find that the platform's integration with Musco Sports Lighting LLC and SkyLogix Wireless Switching and Monitoring Solution makes managing sporting facilities a breeze.



How can this benefit my organization? 


The platform works seamlessly with both lighting systems; you can manage facility lighting with full control and flexibility from a single place. Not only can you customize when the lights are activated, you can also bill customers with the same flexibility. 



I'm in! How do I get started? 


You can enable this integration in your PerfectMind settings. Determine when you want to activate the lights: 10 minutes before an event starts, or right when sunset hits. The control panel is smart – it calculates sunset based on your location, so you don't have to. Choose what you want to bill your customer for – it can be an hourly rate or a flat fee. This help file walks through configuration of both lighting integrations.



Would you like to learn more about some of our third-party integrations? Schedule a demo to learn more about our cutting-edge parks & recreation management software. 



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