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Feature Focus: Set Item-Specific Rules for Subsidies

Making recreational programs available to all the socio-economic classes of your community is important in enriching the lives of all the members you support. 

Subsidies, a core part of financial assistance for your parks and recreation department, helps include all members of the community in your programming. 

PerfectMind lets you set up subsidies and allocate them to qualified members or

families, while setting item-specific rules for each type of subsidy.



Who would use this feature?

Admin staff configuring subsidies could use a few pointers about setting up item-specific rules for subsidies. With the different rules that can be applied for events, memberships or products, your organization will have complete control over the subsidies you provide.



How does this feature benefit my organization?

With subsidies, residents of all demographics, such as low-income families, can participate in recreational programs they wouldn’t usually be able to afford. From an organizational standpoint, being able to configure and automate rules for subsidies frees your front desk staff from any guesswork when determining the amount of a subsidy any item is eligible for, if any. With a one-time setup from your admin staff, subsidies will always be correctly applied in the way you want them to be.



Great! Tell me more!

You can set rules for a subsidy that are specific to the type of item: events, memberships, or products. Although you can apply rules for each type of item, you may only create one rule for each type of item.


Item-specific rules can be set for any of the following:

  • What’s the minimum an item must cost before being eligible for a subsidy?
  • What’s the minimum a subsidy owner must pay toward an eligible item?
  • What’s the maximum amount of subsidy that can be applied to an eligible item?
  • Should these minimums and maximums be applied as fixed amounts or percentages?
  • Is there a maximum number of times a subsidy owner may apply a given allocation to eligible items?


Learn how to set these rules up using our help file. When your front desk staff is ready to allocate subsidies to a customer, they can learn how in the same help file.



Excited to learn more about how PerfectMind can help your organization make programs more accessible? Schedule a demo to learn more about our powerful membership management and facility booking software.


Pei En Thong
Pei En Thong

Pei En Thong is the Marketing Team Lead for PerfectMind. She completed her B.Com in Marketing at the University of British Columbia, which sparked her enthusiasm for content creation and sharing. When not cooking or posting a #foodgram, you’ll find her exploring BC’s scenic routes, enjoying live music, or reading work that keeps her inspired.

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