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Generate Customer Tax Receipts

Whether you’re filing corporate or personal taxes, tax season isn’t anyone’s favorite time of the year. Make filing tax deductions easier for your customers - with a few clicks, you can generate tax receipts for any customer, at any time.


Who would use this feature?

A customer may ask your front desk staff for a tax receipt for events her child attended during a particular year, so she can submit it to the government for tax deduction purposes. Your front desk staff can easily generate and print a report which will give the customer the required information for a tax receipt.



How does this feature benefit my customers?

Any tax payer who is looking to file tax deductibles would find this feature useful. The tax receipt contains all details of the programs and memberships your customer paid for: the membership or program name, the member or attendee name, his or her birthday, program start and end dates, as well as payment details. All the information required for a tax receipt is found on this single report.



Neat! How do I generate this tax receipt for my customer?

In PerfectMind, there are several ways a tax receipt can be generated. Straight from the client page, your staff can:

  1. Select the contact who will receive the receipt
  2. Click the arrow next to the ‘Promote’ button
  3. Find ‘Tax Receipt’ in the drop-down menu
  4. Select the tax year from the pop-up (up to ten years)
  5. Click on ‘Continue’ to generate the tax receipt





You can also access tax receipts in the Financials folder, or simply use the report search feature. View the full step-by-step guide on generating and printing tax receipts or watch the short video tutorial provided in our release notes.


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