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Getting Schools Involved with Parks and Recreation

With the importance of parks and recreation for the wellbeing and healthy development of children, it’s a no-brainer to have schools involved with their local parks and recreation organizations.


There are many ways this can positively impact the youth and even the teachers. Field trips to parks and conservation sites can be eye-opening for many and could even spark an interest that may eventually blossom into a career. Adding opportunities for active living is always great, especially for younger people who will develop their fitness habits. Here are a few ways to get schools involved with parks and rec.


Field Trips


Getting out of the classroom is a great change to the repetition of schooling and field trips are valuable learning experiences. There are many different options for field trips: a hike through a local forest with a guide pointing out the local growth and wildlife, a trip to the local recreation center to play sports that are unavailable at the school, or even a trip to the local community farms. There are so many lessons to be learned about conservation, physical activity and the importance of community and how fruits and vegetables grow.


Integrated Summer and Spring Break Programs


One thing you can set up – as long as your state or province’s school districts will allow it – is an integrated school program where a parks and recreation facility hosts students for different types of programs. This of course is similar to regular summer and spring programming aimed at youth. However, it can be even more effective with a partnership between schools and recreation organizations working together to get more kids on board. This promotes physical activity, health and wellbeing for youth; all things that are very important in their development.




Hosting a parks and recreation professional in your classroom can be another smart way to add a spice to lesson plans, while teaching your students some valuable lessons. Lesson ideas can range from how our ecological footprint affects wildlife to the importance of bees for our ecosystem or teaching proper weightlifting form to middle school students.


Parks and recreation groups have a wealth of resources and personnel that are experts in many different aspects. It’s key for young students to be exposed to things outside of the prescribed curriculum they study in school, so their education is well-rounded.


Student Discounts


Extracurricular activities for high school students are usually a big focus for parks and recreation groups. This allows students who want more fitness and educational opportunities or students who may not enjoy what their school has to offer to explore more. Student discounts are great for everyone. The student gets a break on pricing (making an active lifestyle much more accessible), and the recreation facility can make an impact in their lives (making them a committed member of their community’s parks and recreation programs).


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