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Billing Collections - How to Get Students Paying Regularly

Goodbye to Billing Collections: How to Get Students Paying Regularly

Managing a dojo or gym is a lot of work but one of the most time-consuming aspects can be following up with late payments. Many facilities manually track payments and send emails to their clients that require a lot of time from their staff. By automating this process, your facility can focus on providing better programming and classes for your community instead, boosting efficiency.


Here’s how to get students to pay regularly.


Automate the Process


One great way to ensure payment is to take advantage of automation—especially automatically renewing memberships. A number of martial arts and gym management software programs have this option, which can help you reduce the amount of time spent liaising with students and members. This will also reduce your need for extra staff members who usually take care of this responsibility. Auto-renewals help your students who frequently forget to make payments and will also encourage them to extend their memberships.


Collect ACH/EFT Direct Debit Membership Payments


Another way to automate the process and a cost-effective way to collect monthly membership dues is through setting up ACH payments. ACH transfers are electronic funds transfers (EFT), which will automatically debit the accounts of your members from their bank account each month. You will need the bank accounts and routing numbers of your members to input into your management software. ACH payments are generally less expensive to process than a credit card transaction.


Send Reminders


Reminders can be sent manually to your clients but be sure to do this sparingly, as you don’t want to flood your clients’ inboxes with emails. With that said, manually tracking the account of every client and sending out individual emails can be a very time consuming task. This is where automated emails can be really useful. Email marketing platforms should have a function that allows you to automate emails. You can choose a specific date for sending out reminders, such as at the beginning of the month, mid-month, or at the end of the month.


PerfectMind’s martial arts and gym management software can help you better manage your dojo or gym, offering an automated billing and collections function that automatically collects payments and posts them to the built-in bookkeeping app, sending them to you and your accountant. If a member misses a payment, PerfectMind re-bills them automatically and sends you an alert. Learn more about the management software here.


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