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Growing Community with Recreation Management Software

The core of any parks and recreation organization is your community. An organization should be putting in effort to grow their community to encourage engagement and involvement, but it can be a little bit more complicated than just sharing a photo here and there or organizing a giveaway.


Knowing how to grow your community means knowing what types of resources can help you achieve your goals. Recreation management software is one of those resources; offering features that can help reduce unnecessary labor, assisting you in better communication practices, and effectively growing your community. Here are several ways in which recreation management software will help you grow your community.


Online Bookings


Convenience is king and, since program registrations are a big focus to most parks and rec organizations, offering your community the ability to book classes, register for events, and reserve spaces online is one way to provide excellent customer service. Online bookings and portals allow your members to sign up for your services from anywhere, without any delay. Not only are you providing a tremendous convenience to your members, but you will also be able to better fill out your classes by allowing your members to book and pay on their own terms.


Social Media Management


Social media engagement has become one of the most important measures for marketing success. Creating engaging and fun social media campaigns is a very time-consuming thing and may be taking up a large number of hours from your team’s day. Most recreation management software can help your organization complete simple, time-consuming tasks without taking up too much time and effort from your staff, from posting blog content to social media platforms to sharing timetables and new classes.




One central feature of any recreation management software is automation. Running an organization can be very demanding and labor-intensive – automation can really help to alleviate the quantity of work, especially with repetitive tasks. This allows your staff to focus on other important things so that you can provide the best service to your community. When automating such things as marketing, you will generally see more leads and reduce the number of dropouts.


Automating communications, in particular, can really help you see the benefits of recreation management software. Emails that include reminders, birthdays, anniversaries, and similar messaging can all be automated, and can create a stronger rapport with your community. Recreation management software can really help simplify this process.


To learn more about what recreation management software can do for your parks and recreation organization, experience our cloud-based software that helps organizations of all sizes connect with their communities.

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