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[Webinar] Has Your School Leveled Off And Now You Feel Stuck?


It is not a question of whether your school will level off or get stuck, but rather what you can do when it happens. It might be at 100 students, 200, and for sure at the 250-300 student mark.


Wherever you stand, it may be happening now. If that is true, it’s okay! It’s all part of the business cycle. During this informative webinar with Greg Silva, he will discuss what changes you can make to avoid getting stuck in 2015.


Noah Mithrush
Noah Mithrush

Noah is the Marketing Coordinator at PerfectMind. She has taken on many projects to help influence the health and wellness industries. She has a marketing degree from the University of North Dakota and also studied at the University of Arkansas. She is an avid soccer player and enjoys the outdoors. She is passionate about connecting with people in a wide range of industries.

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