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Laura Nugent, Hot Yoga Peterborough

PM: How did you first become interested in yoga? What made you want to turn a love of yoga into a career?

LN: Yoga became a part of my life at the age of 22, when I needed to heal my body after a couple of rugby injuries. In my very first hot class, I knew I'd be giving up rugby and dedicating my time to this amazing healing modality. I took a year to heal and played one last year of rugby at Queen's University, before deciding to travel to New Zealand after graduating. In my year abroad, I discovered Hot Yoga of New Zealand and took my 200-hour instructor course. The owners had asked me to stay in New Zealand and open another studio with their help. Although I was very honored, I decided to come back to Canada and open a studio in Peterborough where there was a demand for hot yoga but nowhere to practice.


PM: What’s the driving factor behind Hot Yoga Peterborough that keeps students coming back?


LN: Hot Yoga Peterborough is driven by a strong community with the collective intention to become stronger and more flexible, with a tranquil mind and steady heart. A number of clients have commented on the down-to-earth nature of our instructors and how it feels like a home away from home; allowing them to feel comfortable going through the process of transformation. I believe what sets us apart from other studios in the area is that we take the time to get to know our students as individuals and offer a number of programs for a wide range of ages and abilities. We currently have 3 styles of hot yoga, yin yoga, qigong and Taoist yoga.



Photo by Laura Nugent.



PM: What would you say the key or motivating factors behind the Wellness Institute are? What would you like students to take away from their time there?


LN: Hot Yoga Peterborough is motivated by the evolution of everyone's personal practice; from our instructors to our beginner students, everyone is on a journey of self-mastery. Those further along in the journey can light the way for those just starting out. Our instructors and advanced students realize the journey is the goal and the destination is santosha: Sanskrit for “contentment”. If our students can take away the lesson of feeling content with who they are and know how toafind moments of tranquility through their practice



PM: Where would you like to see Hot Yoga Peterborough in 5 years?


LN: In 5 years, Hot Yoga Peterborough Wellness Institute will have graduated at least 80 more students from our 200-hour teacher training program and at least 50 students from our 500-hour teacher training program. We will continue to guide students as we have since we opened our doors four years ago and get out into the community more to attract seniors into our restorative yoga program and medical qigong classes.



PM: What brought you to choose PerfectMIND? What features do you use the most and what do you like best about the platform?


LN: I was introduced to PerfectMIND while at a Zen Business Bootcamp in Phoenix, Arizona. A representative from the company was there and discussed with me how the company was launching yoga software, in addition to the martial arts studios they already catered to. I became one of the first yoga studios to sign on. There were some kinks to work out at the beginning with us both being new to the business but I found their support line very helpful and quick to make changes, if something wasn't working. Being able to track my clients’ attendance is very helpful; I check the reports almost daily and have the ability to see which instructor input what information. It’s really helpful, if something wasn't entered correctly.



Photo by Laura Nugent.



PM: How has PerfectMIND helped Hot Yoga Peterborough grow?


LN: PerfectMIND was a huge help with teaching me the ins and outs of social media. I didn't even know much about Facebook when I started. The ability to sell memberships online has also generated a lot of sales, over the past two years, since I got that up and running. What I enjoy most about PerfectMIND - as I have since day one - is their support staff. They have always been able to help and connect me to the right people.

Moira van den Akker
Moira van den Akker

Moira is the Marketing Specialist for PerfectMind. Since joining the team, she has lead many initiatives for the company, such as marketing automation, branding and content marketing. Moira has an International Business, Marketing and Communications degree from Simon Fraser University and also studied at Maastricht University in Holland. She loves staying active, is a yoga instructor and plays soccer as a hobby. Her passion for people and travel inspires her to explore the world to learn more about different cultures and history.

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