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How Music Enhances Childhood Development

Music can be an excellent source of comfort, inspiration, and happiness for the listener, producer, and performer. Its effects on mood and energy can be significant and many people use music to help boost their well-being.


Practicing musical skills, such as playing an instrument, singing, or dancing at an early age can help create a solid foundation for success in life. Through improved brain development and performance, children's literacy, math skills, fine motor skills, and social skills can see improvement. Here are some of the many ways music can foster development in childhood.



First Steps 


Infants learn to recognize musical melodies before understanding spoken words and parents frequently use music as a way to soothe or excite their children. Exposure to music, especially when kids sing along, can benefit brain development, with language acquisition and reading skills experiencing the most significant boost. Music can also help children speak with greater clarity while expanding their vocabulary.


Dancing to music can help develop motor skills while also strengthening the brain-body connection. In addition, studies have found that children who grow up in a musically-rich environment have improved musical abilities, which will allow them to reap the most benefits. Perhaps most importantly, playing or practicing music together with your children can help develop stronger bonds.



Success in School


To flourish in an academic environment, students need strong cognitive skills, discipline, and social skills. The Arts Education Partnership found that music might have an effect on the brain, preparing it for achievement while improving memory and abstract reasoning.


The University of Western Ontario also found that musical lessons could help boost IQ scores in children. Practicing a musical instrument may also enhance comprehension in mathematics, possibly raising test scores for college admission. Music is also known to help develop social and emotional skills, leading to success in a school environment while encouraging cooperative behavior in children.



Igniting a Passion


Music is found in almost every culture. It can bring people together and it can have important cultural significance and meaning. Because of the intrinsic enjoyment music brings to so many people, it's a passion that can be ignited in many children at an early stage in life. This provides many opportunities for people to create enjoyable and fulfilling hobbies or even careers. Fostering a love of music can also provide therapeutic benefits and strenghtened well-being for people throughout their lives.



A Grand Performance


Many musicians will have to perform at some point in their journey. Getting comfortable being vulnerable in front of a crowd can help with presentations and public speaking - two tasks tasks that are required to succeed in school and many occupations. Learning music can also boost confidence in children. Many of the lessons learned will be somewhat challenging and children who set goals to meet these challenges are often rewarded with higher self-esteem and self-confidence.


Healthy self-esteem can lead to higher mental well-being and a reduction in degenerative behaviors. Keep in mind that passively listening to music has limited benefits, as the Mozart effect has been debunked. To maximize the benefits music brings to childhood development, the child's interactions with music must be active rather than passive.


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