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How to Attract Committed Volunteers for City Programs

As many parks and recreation organizations are made possible through government funding, harnessing volunteerism within your community may be a necessity due to strict budgets. Attracting volunteers can already be a struggle, but finding ones who are committed to what your organization is doing can be even harder. Engaged volunteers are important, as they can be the key to the long-term success of your city programs, helping your parks and rec organization meet its goals.


Here are some tips on how you can attract some committed volunteers.


Host Events that Cast a Wide Net


When it comes to finding volunteers, where do you start? Committed volunteers can come in all shapes and sizes, which means that the recruitment process should be as inclusive as possible. Consider hosting an event that will interest a number of people from the community, like a holiday party or a community potluck. As you, your staff, and other volunteers connect with attendees, you will have a better gauge of who may be good candidates and also a good fit for your organization. Set up a table so that interested individuals can quickly sign up.


Find Volunteers Within Your Donors and Active Community Members


Active community members, like those who visit the community centre for classes every week or your donors, are great resources for finding potential volunteers. They have established relationships with staff and others who use the community centre, giving them an advantage. As well, they have proven an interest in supporting your parks and rec organization; it may take as little as a nudge in the right direction to get them even more involved.


Use Social Media


Do not underestimate the effectiveness of social media. It is likely that your prospective volunteers are on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram right now. Your parks and rec organization should already have a strong presence across social media and it can be used to promote community involvement and to attract potential volunteers.


Post about recruiting events or even messages that ask for volunteers, to convert social media followers into volunteers. Social media is also a great space to show off what your parks and rec organization is up to as you share photos from other volunteer events or notes from those who have volunteered.


To better manage your volunteers, PerfectMind’s cloud-based parks and recreation software is a terrific solution. With it, you can easily view all of your staff and volunteer schedules, as well as book staff and volunteers, rooms, and equipment with one simple interface. Learn more about PerfectMind’s facility management software here.


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