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Creating an Influencer Marketing Campaign for Your Yoga Studio | PerfectMind

Along with the prominence of social media, a new branch of marketing has seen an enormous increase in popularity. Influencer marketing is a unique way to increase brand awareness, grow your followers, and drive more people into your yoga studio. Influencers are individuals who have a large and engaged following on any given social media platform. In particular, Facebook and Instagram are often the platform of choice for influencers. By working together, both your business and the influencer can mutually benefit.


Influencer marketing has become a successful avenue because you are sidestepping traditional advertising and using an already trusted source that, for your audience, will come across as an authentic recommendation from a friend. In addition, Instagram has introduced a new algorithm that limits the reach of some businesses, so having an influencer on your side to promote your studio can significantly extend your reach. 


Here’s how to create an influencer marketing campaign and incorporate it within your overall marketing strategy.



Do Your Research


Before committing to an influencer, be sure to conduct thorough research and assess whether or not that individual will bear any influence with your target audience. Since some individuals may use bots to achieve the appearance of a larger follower count, it’s important to pay attention to how engaged their followers are, and explore the quality of their community. In addition to looking at “likes”, relevant comments are a great example of engagement.


Beyond ensuring that they can influence your target demographic, you must evaluate whether an influencer is a good match for your yoga studio. For example, if your studio only offers hot yoga, you should find an influencer whose primary interest is hot yoga, as opposed to flow or kundalini. With that said, finding a yogi — no matter his or her focus — is still a better option than finding a general fitness enthusiast. You want someone who would genuinely enjoy your services, as this will come across as much more authentic.



Create a Strategic Plan


As with any marketing plan, it is critical that you define your goals from the start. Are you aiming to create awareness around your brand? Do you want more traffic on your website? Do you want more followers on Instagram? Is your goal to bring more students into your yoga studio? The relationship that you eventually develop with your influencer is a professional one, and accordingly, you should present him or her with a well-executed pitch that clearly states your desired outcomes.


Expectations should also be defined. What type of content do you expect to see from your influencer? How often should they post? A vital part of your marketing campaign, of course, is tracking and analyzing metrics to determine success. Compile all the data you can get from your influencer, so you can see whether or not the campaign is working well. For example, “likes”, shares, and comments on the social side of things, as well as site metrics like traffic, bounce rates, and audience insights can be informative.



Calculate Your Costs


Your campaign needs to be worthwhile for your influencer too. The objective of your campaign is to mutually benefit each other; however, since there is no standardized way to approach these partnerships, rates may vary from influencer to influencer. Most charge between $250-$1,000, but some influencers may charge as much as $5,000 to $10,000 per sponsored post, according to 2018 reports. And while cash is still king, there is still value in offering perks such as free classes.


Ultimately, it’s best to communicate and collaborate with your influencer to create a plan that works best for both parties. If your budget does not allow for as many sponsored posts as you had hoped, consider reaching out to a “micro-influencer.” Micro-influencers are those who have a significant, but not massive following and likely to have a high level of engagement. They may also be more likely to be interested in trading services, versus cash payments.


Influencer marketing campaigns are a great way to reach new audiences, and with the immense popularity of social media, it’s worthwhile to take advantage of their potential. Harness the power of your Instagram marketing campaign and grow your yoga studio. Want to get more out of your studio’s digital capabilities? Learn more about how PerfectMind powers studios with our yoga studio management software.


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