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Create and Launch A Successful Parent and Child Martial Arts Program

How to Create and Launch A Successful Parent and Child Martial Arts Program

Since martial arts is beneficial for both children and adults, it makes sense to offer martial arts programs for people of all ages. Parent-child martial arts programs, though, are a bit less common but should be considered as a potential program offering. It gives an opportunity for you to showcase what your martial arts school can do for the mental and physical well being of the community.


Here’s how to create and launch a successful parent-child martial arts program.


Plan Ahead


As with any other campaign or new program, it’s important to plan ahead as much as you can. Some things to consider include when to introduce the program, whether or not you need to hire new instructors, what your prime demographic is, and how you’ll reveal your marketing plan. Identifying these points will help you not only set everything in motion, but also keep things organize when you throw another class into the mix with your existing offerings.


Focus on Program Content


Providing a parent-child martial arts program is a great way to showcase the many benefits of martial arts. By having parents participating, they can experience it firsthand and also witness just how much fun it can be for children. Allowing parents to be present and take the classes is also a great way to cater to children as young as three years of age, an age group whose parents may not yet be fully comfortable with them participating in martial arts. Having their parents taking classes with them will encourage them to participate more, putting your young students at ease.


Nail Your Social Media Strategy


Ironing out the details of your social media strategy, once you figure out the details of your new program, will help you better reach the demographic you need and get existing and new students to enroll. Developing effective content – short videos that preview what the class is like, blog posts that discuss the benefits of martial arts on adults and children, and engaging photo assets – will help drive traffic to both your site and to your martial arts school.


Utilize Experienced Staff


For parent-child classes, it would be ideal for you to find instructors who are experienced in working with both adults and children. With that said, utilizing instructors who are primarily experienced with teaching children could be beneficial too, since the classes will be paced according to the abilities of the kids. The most important thing is recognizing that the children should be the focus, as it is likely that they are the reason as to why both the parent and the child are enrolled in your classes. Think of drills and games that will keep the children engaged, while also ensuring the parents are getting the most out of the class.   


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