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How to Partner with Local Schools

How to Partner with Local Schools to Grow your Martial Arts Business

Taking the initiative to grow your martial arts business is paramount to its success. Without consistent, innovative efforts, your business may suffer with a lack of students registering for your classes. Ultimately, low registration could require you to face negative financial consequences.


One of the most popular ways to grow your martial arts business is partnering with local schools. Since they are institutions that are already in place – with an existing network of potential students – much of the legwork has been figured out for you.


Here’s how to partner with local schools and grow your martial arts business.


Make Your Presence Known


Particularly in larger cities, it’s important that schools in your area know that your business is here for them. Whether you decide on guerilla marketing, social media marketing, distributing pamphlets, or making an appointment with one of the school administrators (one of the physical education teachers is a great start), make sure that your martial arts school’s presence is known. Before they can partner with your business, schools need to build rapport and evaluate your business to ensure that it’s the right fit.




Propose a Plan


What does your martial arts school offer? Taekwondo? Jiu-jitsu? Self-defense? Depending on the age range of the school’s students, some classes may be more appropriate than others. A good segue into offering your classes would be proposing a free anti-bullying seminar or martial arts demonstration. The focus at the end of your presentation should be on the benefits of martial arts; be sure to leave the students with your school’s information (including location, website, and social links) and a summary of your offerings and the benefits.



Create Introductory Classes


Now that you have the attention of your local schools, give them incentives to join your school, as opposed to one of your competitors. This can come in the form of a free introductory class, buy-one-get-one-free classes for when they bring a friend, or free swag with new sign-ups. Design an introductory class that’s perfect for beginners, which will ensure that your students become comfortable in your martial arts school with their new instructors. It’s important to make them feel like they want to keep attending classes.





Each year, local schools get a new batch of potential students. Use this to your advantage. Review the successes and failures of your previous outreach mission and tweak your plan to fit the needs of the new students. Revisiting your area’s local schools will help generate more business for your martial arts school.


In addition to partnering with local schools, you can grow your martial arts business with an efficient system that supports both your business and your students. PerfectMind’s martial arts management software can help you generate more leads, improve communications, and manage your school. Learn more about our software here.


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