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How to Retain a Summer Program Student

How to Retain a Summer Program Student

Summer is a great time to attract new students. You can take advantage of the fact that parents will need some extra help with their children, while they’re home from school, and show why martial arts is a great way for them to spend their time and money. Retaining a summer program student beyond September, though, can be a bit more challenging, once school picks up again.


Here are some ideas for how your school can retain your summer program students and help them become long-term students at your martial arts school.


Increase Evening Classes


Once school is back in session, you will need to reconsider you current class offerings. Most likely, you’ll have scale back on the number of day classes, while increasing your evening classes. Transitioning back to a full day of school may be challenging for some of your students so be sure to give them a number of options for when they can join one of your classes. Increasing the number of weekend training sessions is also a great alternative for your students.



Offer Free Trials


Your students may be hooked on martial arts but, once school starts, the friends whom they met during class but who attend other schools during the year may no longer be able to practice martial arts with them anymore. This may be a deterrence for some students.


With this in mind, consider offering free trials for your students’ friends, allowing them to bring new people to your martial arts school. Not only will you be able to potentially see more new students, your summer program students may also be more likely to stay, since they have friends around with whom they can spar and learn martial arts alongside.



Host a Parents’ Night Out


Use a parents’ night out event as an opportunity to give them an evening off and also as a chance to showcase exactly what your martial arts school is doing and can do for their children. There are a number of benefits that all types of martial arts have and through educational literature, demonstrations, and more, you can highlight these benefits to parents.



Remind Students (and Parents) of the Benefits of Training


Just like what you would want to do at a Parents’ Night Out, it’s important to consistently remind your students and their parents the many benefits of martial arts training. From physical fitness and a decrease in the likelihood of cardiovascular and other diseases to improved self-confidence and much more, you have a lot to work with. Be sure to take advantage of all these benefits and think about them as marketing opportunities for your school.


Managing students is an enormous part of owning a martial arts school, making a reliable system that can help you grow and manage your martial arts business very important. PerfectMind’s management software is an intuitive cloud-based solution that’s built for martial artists by martial artists. Learn more about the software here.


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