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How to Use Video in Martial Arts Marketing

Video content has quickly become one of the most efficient ways to market one’s business. While traditional methods like written content and well-crafted image assets are still useful, video allows for compelling and unique content that your target demographic is more likely to engage with. Creating good video content can be daunting for some but it doesn’t have to be all that complicated.


Here’s how to use video in martial arts marketing.


Come Up With a Content Calendar


First and foremost, it’s always a good idea to get organized. Creating a content calendar can help you plan ahead for things like themes and topics and, more importantly, what you’ll need for each shoot. Will you need extra staff to appear in one of your videos? Does one of the shoots require some specific equipment that will take time to acquire? Giving yourself time to properly plan your video content can help you stay on top of posting quality videos.


As for content themes in your martial arts marketing, videos that demonstrate and discuss specific techniques, explain martial arts terms, and other similar relevant topics are some ideas you could explore in your videos.


Find Reliable Equipment


Finding the right equipment may be one of the biggest hurdles for some schools. While professional video equipment may not be necessary, creating high quality video content is key when it comes to encouraging engagement for your followers. Reaching out to your community to see if your school can borrow camera equipment is a great place to start. Craigslist is also a place where you may be able to find inexpensive equipment, which may be easier since you won’t have to deal with ongoing rentals or spending extra time picking up, dropping off, or sourcing gear each time.


Keep It Short and Simple


As attention spans of social media users become shorter and shorter, video content should also be kept short and sweet. While longer, in-depth videos are always valuable, videos under five minutes are great for posting to social media platforms – note that some platforms have a one-minute limit. Be sure to keep your content concise so that they are effective and worthwhile.


Utilize Free Editing Tools


Editing your video content is an important aspect. Though your raw footage may be useable, editing your videos will give your content a more polished and professional look. There are a number of free editing tools of which you can take advantage. Some free tools include OpenShot, VideoPad, iMovie, and Movie Maker.

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