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How your School can Participate in Martial Arts Community Events

Participating in martial arts community events can increase brand awareness for your school, help you gain new students, and much more. They are great opportunities to help you attract new martial arts students that can be seen as a marketing tool for showcasing what your school is all about. More importantly, you can highlight what martial arts can really do for your community.

Here’s how your school can participate in martial arts community events.


Do Your Research


While most martial arts community events will likely be inclusive of all disciplines of martial arts, make sure you do your research in advance, to ensure that it makes sense for your school to participate. It’s important to also consider the length of the event, so you can calculate the potential costs of being a part of it.


Will you need volunteers? What is the key demographic at the event? Answering these questions will help you better determine your place in the community event.


Do It For Charity


One great reason to get involved is to do it on behalf of a charitable cause. If there is something that you are passionate about, like providing lessons to underprivileged children and teens so that they receive invaluable experience and skills, community events could be a good segue for you to join or create a community event.


Another way to get involved is through raising money for a charity near and dear to your heart. Getting involved in a martial arts community event is an excellent way to gain new members, but there are few things more rewarding than giving back to the community and making a difference.


Do It After School


When it comes to community events, don’t be afraid to think outside the box. The efforts can be focused on one of your programs outside of the event too—such as your after-school programs. Children need great role models and offering after-school programs can make that difference for those in your community. Martial arts training has proven to help young children resist peer pressure, improve their social behaviors, keep them active, and much more. At your community event, consider focusing your message on your after-school program offerings and drive new students that way.


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