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Increasing Safety in Martial Arts Classes without Losing Focus

Safety is a major concern for students and parents, and it’s something fundamental that your martial arts school must provide. While learning martial arts can nullify dangerous situations for your students while outside of your school, risky behavior may arise during class. That’s why you must commit to increasing and maintaining safety at your school, without losing focus from the practice.


Here’s how to ensure that both your school and your students are engaging in safe and efficient practices on a daily basis.



Outline Expectations


Miscommunication can breed numerous problems, which could result in decreased safety at your school. Students must understand that they are responsible for each other’s well-being, in addition to their own. These expectations — such as staying cautious during sparring and being respectful to one another — should be clearly outlined for your staff and students. Whether these policies are featured on a poster that is visibly displayed within your classroom or outlined in a student handbook, it’s important that everyone in your school knows exactly what is expected of them.


Hire Safety-Minded Teachers


Hiring qualified, safety-minded instructors means your students will have guidance into understanding their responsibilities for their own safety and their fellow students’. Instructors can impart teachings that reflect that violence should only be used as a final option, and encourage students to ask questions when they’re unsure about what to do in specific scenarios. Great teachers will also become role models for students and, as they instill discipline, ultimately demonstrate to students that safety is of utmost importance when learning martial arts.



Hold Parent-Teacher Meetings


If a student has trouble with or refuses to comply with your school’s safety rules, holding parent-teacher meetings will give your students’ parents some insight into how their children are doing. Parents can encourage safe practice from home or reinforce the importance of following your school’s policies, if their child wishes to continue practicing martial arts. Having the extra support at your students’ home will help cement your school’s safety policies. This way, you won’t have to constantly speak to your students about safety during class, which takes away from the focus on class material.


While ensuring that your students practice martial arts in a safe manner is crucial, it’s also vital to accentuate proper technique. If your students don’t learn how to perform the moves correctly, this could lead to unsafe practices despite good intentions.


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