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Look Behind the Scenes on Your Smart Dashboard

Besides giving you a comprehensive snapshot of your marketing and performance, click any statistic to look behind the scenes and discover more about the numbers on your PerfectMIND Smart Dashboard. You can also compare your marketing and financial performance between weeks, months, quarters, or years.


Find out how you can make the most of PerfectMIND's Smart Dashboard functionality by reading our full help post here: Smart DashBoard

Moira van den Akker
Moira van den Akker

Moira is the Marketing Specialist for PerfectMind. Since joining the team, she has lead many initiatives for the company, such as marketing automation, branding and content marketing. Moira has an International Business, Marketing and Communications degree from Simon Fraser University and also studied at Maastricht University in Holland. She loves staying active, is a yoga instructor and plays soccer as a hobby. Her passion for people and travel inspires her to explore the world to learn more about different cultures and history.

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