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Member-Based Business Must-Haves for 2017

The year is anew and member-based businesses are gearing up for a successful year. For businesses looking to improve on last year’s growth, there are a number of things you can do to boost activity. This year, we’re focusing on ways to increase engagement, social visibility, and efficiency.


Community isn’t a new buzzword for this year but we see companies working on building up their community in a genuine way. Social media is going to be very important, once again. With new “live” features on many platforms, we see a lot of opportunity to spread your message. Efficiency will be key for keeping up with increasingly difficult times, using the right tools and membership management software, while being passionate and grateful will keep you grounded, happy, and motivated. Here are some must-haves for your membership-based business in 2017.




With the concept of community being on the forefront of many businesses’ buzzword list, the term gets thrown around a lot. The ones who do it well realize that it’s not just another talking point but, rather, a company culture that encourages authentic and genuine engagement with customers and other businesses in their community. When a number of complimentary businesses support each other, they can cross-promote and bring in more business for everyone. For example, a yoga studio, spin studio, juice bar, clothing boutique and coffee shop will have tons of mutual clients and, working together, they can help boost each others’ businesses. This type of partnership is a win-win, all around.


Doing it Live


Social media is going to be an important avenue for your digital marketing strategy. Many member-based businesses that hold classes can broadcast parts of a class live and reach many people on social media, with a sample of the experience you provide for your members. Because of its novelty, it may take a while for it become popular in your local area but we see it improving, over the coming months. To learn more, here are some great tips to get the most out of the “live” features.


Solid Management Software


Membership management software is a key part of any successful member-based business. Automating mundane, repetitive tasks allows your staff to avoid burnout, stay creative and work on higher-level tasks and lesson plans. With member-based businesses, membership management is key and adopting a software system that can help avoid mistakes, reduce screen time, and help boost customer service can really assist your business in getting to the next level. Student retention can be increased, with an attendance tracking feature that looks at attendance patterns, allowing you to prevent cancellations. With so many more helpful features, it’s a no-brainer to get membership management software to do the heavy lifting for you.


Passion and Gratitude


Creating a strong company culture starts with the hiring process. Questions aimed at figuring out intrinsic interests and motivations can help you find ones that will commit to your cause. Communicating the importance of passion and gratitude is necessary but listening to your employees and the environment you’re in can help even more. Leading by example is also very important so make sure you cultivate your passion, if you expect your staff to follow suit. According to the Harvard Business Review, helping your employees grow and develop, taking their opinions into account, and supporting camaraderie and collegiality are helpful in cultivating a culture of gratitude.


For more information on how membership management software can help your company excel this year, check out PerfectMind’s platform and software and grow your class sizes, improve your communications and more.


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