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New Features Release August 2016

The PerfectMind development team has been hard at work to bring you features to help attract new members, connect your community and keep your business running efficiently. The features below will have rolled out to everyone by Thursday, August 11th.

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Your staff can now quickly and easily view all customer activity within a specified date range. You can either view a single customer’s activity, or the activity of all customers associated with an account, without having to dig into individual transactions to respond to customer inquiries.

Similar to a bank statement, your staff can generate and view account statements, including transactions and payments. You can launch these reports from Contact pages, allowing you to run statements for a list of contacts, using checkboxes to select the contacts for whom you would like to run the statements.

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You’ve sold a new membership, and all that’s left is for your new member to sign on the dotted line. We’ve made that last step more intuitive and effortless, with the new and enlarged ‘Click to Sign’ box that makes it easier for your customers to read and sign documents. Your customers can click on the framed signature box and sign a document with any touch-enabled device.

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Tired of turning your computer monitor back and forth between you and your members when getting your customers to read and sign documents digitally? With the new Share with Device option, signing a document has never been easier.

With a two-step process, you can share a document to another peripheral workstation, such as a tablet. Your customers can review the document easily from the peripheral device without interrupting your work flow. When your member has signed and saved the document, the document is automatically synced to the primary workstation. In a few easy steps, your documents are signed, sealed, and delivered!

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Having a beginner’s hot yoga class and would like to send a course waiver and pre-class notes to your attendees before the first class starts? Your staff can now create and send waiver documents to individuals or groups of attendees of an event through the Attendee or Check In pages, automatically pulling information from their profile and event page.

As an instructor, you can also send an email, voice, or text message to everyone enrolled in a course, or only a select few, ensuring everyone attending an event will be able to receive important information.

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When your staff is reporting on class registrations, they can now view a summary of your activity registration in more detail. Reports include the start and end dates of an event, and those of the activities within the event. Through the registration summary, you can also view the staff or instructors associated with each activity, as well as the number of attendees. Reports are now more detailed so you only have to look in one place to find registration information.

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Does one of your classes fall on a holiday? Or do you need to schedule a make-up session or cancel a class because one of your personal trainers is not present? You can now change the date of a single session without altering the pattern of repeating sessions within a series from Calendar view.

What if your instructor is now unavailable to teach all upcoming Monday classes and you need to modify all his recurring Monday classes and change them to Tuesday instead? Editing the full series is just as easy as changing a single session within a series. You can now edit a series pattern under the Activities tab, and change the recurring class on the Repeat tab.

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Your instructor fell sick and now you would like to refund every paid student for that one class. Perhaps your instructor left your school and you therefore have to cancel the entire course and refund all your students accordingly. You can now issue bulk refunds for the full amount, remaining amount, or a fixed amount to all or a select group of paid students in the form of credits. This bulk credit is available for a whole series of events, or a session within a series. You can also view the total refund cost to your business for cancelling the one class, or the entire course.

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Back to school is a busy time of the year, and you’d like to see all your martial arts classes that are coming up ahead of time. Your staff can now filter events based on a specified date range with the new Custom Range option. Using the From and To date picker, you will be able to view all events that have sessions within the date range you selected.

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New Enterprise-Only

PerfectMind now lets you create, apply, and manage subsidies for qualified clients of families, to assist them in enrolling in courses, buying memberships, booking facilities, or purchasing products. With different subsidy types, you can apply rules to qualify eligible families or individuals, and also set restrictions on subsidy amounts.

When setting up a subsidy, you can apply parameters such as activation and expiration dates, total amount, and maximum amount applied to a single contract or account. Restrictions to subsidies can include demographics, such as a minimum or maximum age, and maximum times a customer may receive a subsidy.

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Wouldn’t it be great if your members could add extras like rental equipment and amenities to payment plans too? Your customers can now select their rental, extra equipment, and chosen payment plan. With the Pay Now and Pay Later feature, your customers can select the equipment they will pay for now, and equipment they will pay for with a payment plan. Extra rental equipment for activities like birthday parties can add up, so now you can give your customers the flexibility of paying 25% now, and the rest later in multiple installments.

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You can now change fees based on the length of facility reservation. Previously, you had to manually adjust fees based on the length of reservation. Now, if you change the date, time, or duration for an event, the fee is automatically adjusted. Changing the duration or fees associated with one event which has multiple sessions, will also change the fee for the entire event series.

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The previous feature is made even easier with the newly added Fee Calculator. When creating an event that includes more than one session, the Fee Calculator generates the fees for the entire event and also changes the fees for individual sessions within the event series.

You want to charge a premium for one class in a course because it’s an extended session with a guest instructor. You can add a Drop-in Fee to a particular session, where an icon will appear to show that the Fee per Session was manually changed. The total fee for the course is automatically changed in the Fee Calculator, where you can also see the Fee Breakdown for each event under Total Fee.

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We’ve made facility bookings much more customizable. You can now set different levels of requirements for online facility bookings, giving you more control over your facility reservations. With Reserve to Book, you can allow your customers to reserve facilities immediately, or request approval when making reservations, allowing you to deny/approve bookings.

With the new approval process, you can also add the option for your customers to Pay Now or Pay Later for reservations requiring approval. We’ve also added Reservation Start and Reservation End features, so you can enable settings that do not allow bookings to be made before or after certain dates.

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We’ve improved the process of updating your facility operational hours and staff schedule. With the new Edit function, you can now easily make changes to the Operational Hours and Staff Schedule section of your facility bookings without having to delete and re-add details.

Special Note

The old PerfectMind calendar has been discontinued. You will now be redirected from the old calendar to the new calendar and information has already been transferred over. The new calendar performs better and faster, improving the way PerfectMind works for your business.


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