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New Features Release January 2017

Updated: January 11, 2017

The PerfectMind development team has been hard at work to bring you features to help attract new members, connect your community and keep your business running efficiently. The features below started rolling out to BETA users Tuesday, December 20th and will begin rolling out to all live users in January 2017.



When setting up a new class, you can now specify age restrictions to come into effect on a particular date. Previously, age restrictions were only applied to the event start date. Whether you require that your members are at least 18 years old when they begin your hot yoga class or are of age at the time of registration, you can now define age requirements based on an event start, end, or custom date. PerfectMind also checks age restrictions set when the event was created and flags any student who does not meet the age requirement.

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A new member registers for a course that started two weeks ago and you don't want to charge her the full course fee. You now have the ability to allow the registrant to receive a prorated fee. Whether she only just heard about your new spin class, or they she's unable to attend the first few classes due to a scheduling conflict, you can now set proration to occur after a specific number of classes so that she is not getting charged for sessions she did not attend.

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A customer wants to print a tax receipt with details of the classes her child attended this year, so she can submit it to the government for tax deduction purposes. You can now generate a tax receipt for your customer and select the tax year (up to ten years), which will include all programs and memberships she paid for.

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We're excited to present you with PerfectMind's new and fully customizable integration with Musco Lighting. PerfectMind works seamlessly with Musco Lighting systems, allowing you to manage your facility's lighting and fees with full control and flexibility.

PerfectMind automatically calculates sunset based on your facility location and allows you to charge fees accordingly. This integration is fully customizable: you can set facility lighting to come into effect at any time before or after sunset, or anytime before or after an event start time. Fees for light extensions are just as flexible – you can choose to bill your customers for the additional lighting or not, and can modify the rates to apply per hour, or charge a flat fee. Any schedule updates or changes are automatically updated to Musco lighting's control panel, and you can manually adjust the control panel if required. The hours of sunset are automatically updated per session, adopting the time changes throughout the year.

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When you have a large facility, you may frequently add new classes or programs to membership profiles. Previously, you had to manually update each existing membership to reflect the new service added, which was a tedious process. Now, when you add a new program like swimming lessons to a fitness membership, you can automatically update all active fitness memberships with the new program, giving your members access to those classes.

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Our Advanced Reservation module is constantly improving to make bookings more efficient for you and your staff. There is now a new View Session pop-up, where you can change the date, start time and duration of the reservation – all without navigating from your current tab. The system will calculate fees for extras based on the new duration. You can now also change the fee type associated with the reservation.

When reviewing a calendar event, the event popup now includes the customer and account name, as well as the staff member who created the reservation – on top of the date, time contract ID and status.

The system also now requires that you add the number of guests under Advanced Reservation, and checks the capacity of all facilities associated with a course or service. This ensures that your reservations are utilizing your space appropriately.

You can now also add, change and remove product and memberships as extras. Extras are categorized as Required and Optional. When you add an extra to a multi-location database, you can now see the location the extra belongs to.

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By default, when an extra connected to an event is sold, its revenue is automatically posted to the extra's unique GL account. You can now assign the sale of product, membership and equipment extras to the event GL account – saving the setup time for your staff, and easily allowing them to run event GL reports with all the extras sold for that event.

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Enhancements have been made to how fees can be viewed. Now, fees are shown in a list of 25 by default, and can be changed to 50 or 100. A new column has been added so you can easily determine the fee type without going into the details.

The contract page is now highly comprehensive and customizable – everything you asked for and need is now available! As a user, you can remove sections that you don't need, and create your own default contract template.

Previously, when changes were made to the contract before collecting payment, you were unable to send the contract to your customers. You can now send and print a contract based on the current transaction or based on the reservation, allowing you to share the amended contract with your customers before processing the payment.

We've added sections to the contract for Extra Fees and Facilities. Extra fees are broken down by contract, reservation, and booking. You'll find a summary of facility details as well, giving you all the details you would require, all from one page.


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