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New Features Release June 2017

The PerfectMind development team has been hard at work to bring you features to help attract new members, connect your community and keep your business running efficiently. The features below have rolled out to BETA users and will roll out to all live users in June. Click on thumbnails for expanded views and browse through the help files to learn more about each feature.


The planner is now cleaner – we've uncluttered the view and cancelled events are now hidden by default. Prefer how it looked before? Simply click on "Show Cancelled Events" and the system will restore all cancelled events until you switch back to the original calendar view. For our parks & recreation clients, you can show or hide cancelled events in Advanced Reservation as well.

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Previously when you wanted to set operational hours for statutory holidays, like New Year's, you had to add the recurring holiday to every year. We understood that this could be tedious – this time-saving feature allows you to select the "Ignore Year" checkbox so you don't have to manually set holidays that fall on the same day each year, every year.

Simply set the holiday once, and the system will apply it to all future years. For multi-location facilities, you can set up custom hours for each facility.

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It's an easy but irreversible mistake if your staff accidentally deletes an event - we've minimized the possibility of this error by disabling the ability to delete an event if it has already been registered or paid for. For events with enrolled or paid customers, you can still cancel the event without deleting it. A pop-up will appear asking you to cancel the event instead.

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We've made discounts available at the time of making a reservation. Say you'd like to make a 10% discount available for all seniors taking a swimming class. Currently, your staff would have to manually add a discount to each eligible event.

Now, once you have a discount set up for a class, Fred at front-desk can easily apply the discount for eligible members from the picklist. For multi-location facilities, discounts from all locations will appear on the list.

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Jenna's parents are out of town and Aunt Sheila is chaperoning Jenna for the weekend. Aunt Sheila takes Jenna to her karate class and is informed by your front desk staff that there's an outstanding balance for Jenna's classes.

With POS 2.0, you can select a contact in the system to pay for the invoice, or create a new account for Aunt Sheila as the payer. Accurately attribute payments to the correct person and ensure that refunds are credited back to the right person. Still on POS 1.0 and thinking about switching to enjoy the latest features like these? Call our support team to switch today!

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For POS 2.0 users, you can now create custom reports on sold memberships: report in a variety of ways on individual members assigned to memberships, even if they are not necessarily the contact(s) who paid for the membership.

Easily track your members, the memberships they have, and their statuses from a single easy-to-reference table with this new report. Also accessible under the More Apps menu and the Contact layout, users can create customized views for this report.

[Help File]


We are thrilled to announce that the much-anticipated Advanced Custom Booking module is now in BETA! This new feature-rich module will allow you to set up and book a variety of custom events, such as child care services, after-school programs, and summer camps. Enable your customer to enroll in specific days of the week, month, or to include and exclude particular days.

Say you’d like to provide a variety of child care programs at your organization: whether you offer daily after-school programs, daycare services on weekends, or activities only on certain days of the week, this comprehensive addition to the PerfectMind platform will allow your staff to flexibly enroll children into various programs as part of the Advanced Custom Booking module. To learn more and enable this new module for your organization, contact our support team.

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Your program administrator would like to add a new product to your POS, but have the price reflect the total, including tax. As an admin user, you can easily select if the price of a product, course, or membership will be tax inclusive or not. Available for POS 2.0 users, you can ensure that you are always charging your customers a flat fee, if desired. Note that this is only available at the admin level.

[Help File]

When running multiple courses using the same facility, overcrowding can lead to safety concerns. Paul runs the swimming programs and wants to ensure that the total number of registrants for swimming classes running concurrently does not exceed 50, as that is the maximum capacity of your pools.

This new feature allows you to link your three Tuesday morning swimming classes in an Event Group that has a max capacity of 50 registrations, despite each course having its own maximum of 20 registrants. As soon as 50 members are registered between the three courses, the system will not allow further registrations. Call our support team to create event groups today.

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We've integrated with Active Directory Federations Services (ADFS) using SAML 2.0 to provide a single sign-on experience for users as well as members. Multiple logins are no longer required – simply enable the new integration in your settings! SAML 2.0 (ADFS) enables PerfectMind to accept digitally signed claims from your organization. The integration now supports employee and member accounts. Call our support team if you need more information.

As a facility manager, you need to view all details of facility setups so you can check that the details are accurate. This new report shows details of the facility, services attached, fees and extras, operational hours, and more. Save your filter selection for the next time you login.

[Help File]

After a data migration, you may want to audit your services and verify the accuracy of the details of services offered throughout your organization. This new report gives you everything you'd want to see – use the filters to capture relevant information and PerfectMind will remember your last filter selection if you choose, ready for your next login.

[Help File]


We've made the conflict manager smarter: the pop-up now tells you the name of the course and the course ID that the event is conflicting with. You can now click on the conflicting courses and resolve the conflict by changing the time, staff, and/or facility of either events. The pop-up will now also show the supervisor name if there is one.

You can now search for courses based on season. For supervisors who want to review all yoga classes for summer 2017, you can add a new column for seasons and apply advanced filters to your search straight from PerfectMind without having to use Excel.

Using POS 2.0 gives you more flexibility with memberships. There may be times where you may want to forego the payment plan option. POS 2.0 users can choose to sell any membership without a payment plan.

By default, all staff user profiles are granted permission to increase or decrease punch pass memberships. Now, as a Global Admin, you can adjust these permissions for specific profiles – e.g. supervisors can adjust punch passes both ways, whereas front desk staff can only decrease punch passes.

This new feature limits the possibility of accidental loss in revenue. You can also now keep track of previous punch pass memberships by scrolling through the member's profile.

We previously released a feature allowing your admin staff to charge different rates for prime and non-prime time on facility bookings. This feature is now available for online facility booking.

Depending on your region and personal preferences, you may list the month before the day. We're used to putting the day before themonth. Whichever you prefer, the date format on contracts is now standardized and will pull from the format you set in your settings.

With a multi-location database, it was hard for your staff to identify which location each extra belonged to when adding them onto a booking. Forget trial and error – now, when you add an extra, it shows the location the extra belongs to. This is viewable in equipment booking, events, and advanced reservation.

We're constantly improving the way you book facilities with PerfectMind. On Advanced Reservation, you can now customize the view of facilities, giving you the same functionality available on the facilities menu. The "Back to Calendar" button also now takes you back to where you just came from – instead of taking you back to the planner.

You can now give an online user more flexibility on how they search for the availability of your facilities. Online Advanced Search provides your users with the same options your front desk staff currently have. Online users can search for facilities based on time periods, days of the week and more.

Your tennis courts get really busy during the summer, and you want to limit the amount of bookings a customer can make online so that your courts don't all get booked up by the same person. Now, you can set a maximum limit for online bookings, either by the total number of all future reservations, the total number per booking, per day, or per week.

You can now customize the text that appears on the online calendar when online reservation for a facility is closed. Instead of "Call to Reserve", you may want to include a specific number to call, or even the name of the person to call. This field is limited to 15 characters or under.

Your organization has a supervisor who is in charge of all facilities. Now, in addition to your selected admin staff receiving an email notification when an event has been scheduled online, your facility supervisor can also receive an email notification when a facility has been booked using online booking. Simply enable the toggle to 'Email Facility Supervisor'.


PerfectMind is an industry-leading member management and facility booking software provider. Its robust Platform as a Service (PaaS) serves organizations of all sizes in parks & recreation, health & wellness, fitness, and education sectors. With over 5,000 customers in 21 countries, PerfectMind streamlines business processes so organizations can focus on supporting and growing their communities.

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