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New Features Release March 2017

The PerfectMind development team has been hard at work to bring you features to help attract new members, connect your community and keep your business running efficiently. The features below started rolling out to BETA users in February and will roll out to all live users in March.



The long-awaited PerfectMind-PayPal integration has arrived! We’re excited to launch new functionality that will allow your customers to register for activities, make online purchases and checkout with PayPal. The checkout process is secured and managed by PayPal allowing purchases with existing PayPal accounts or credit card purchases as a PayPal guest.

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Setting operational and holiday hours for locations is a breeze if you only have few of them. But for organizations with dozens of locations, it can be a tedious task. You now have the ability to enter operational and holiday hours at the organization level for all locations within the same time zone. This is a great time-saving feature that can be enabled or disabled. Note that this feature is only available for multi-location organizations.

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In the new POS you now have the ability to choose the effective pay later date to complete transactions and invoices without collecting payment at the time of the sale. A customer can register and pay now for her fencing class and pay for her equipment rental at the end of the month. She can even rent a facility and pay the security deposit at a future date. The Pay Later button has been replaced with a Pay On button that allows front desk staff to choose the effective date and collect payment separately.

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For situations where a customer is unable to attend an activity for a period of time (ex: injured, on vacation) you can now freeze his membership without changing the payment date. Your staff was able to freeze memberships in the past but we’ve now provided a separate option to postpone the payment without rescheduling invoices if desired.

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As an administrator, you now have the ability to grant permission to certain profiles for overbooking an event. You may only want your staff who are supervisor level and above to be able to overbook classes and not your front desk staff. Permission to overbook events can now be given to specific profiles.

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As an administrator, you can now grant permission to withdraw from a course/activity to certain profiles. Previously, edit permission was required to withdraw a registrant. The new permission can be found within the Point of Sale and Inventory settings.

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As a program coordinator for multi-location facilities, you are in charge of planning the events in all locations and wish to review prices, capacity, age groups and more, in a single view.

You can now quickly add/remove columns in the previously static Course List view, so that you are seeing exactly the information you need. Course ID is also now included in the default view. The column layout will not reset until you log out. These layouts will also be used when exporting in PDF or Excel so custom reports and data exports can be created without having to manipulate them in a spreadsheet tool.

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We’ve received great feedback on the recently-released send-to-sign feature. We’ve added new functionality that automatically sends a copy of the signed document to the signee. Your customer no longer has to request a copy for his/her records. A copy of the signed document will be sent to the signee by email as soon as it is submitted.

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This time-saving feature makes it easier for billing/finance or front desk staff to see credit available and amounts owing. Previously, viewing shared credit and outstanding balances was only accessible on the client page. Now, staff can quickly check accounts to see remaining credit or past due amounts from the account page, without navigating to individual contact profiles.

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We’re happy to announce the integration you’ve all been waiting for: you can now specify and check residential boundaries for your contacts with Esri's ArcGIS. By setting up the Esri API for your specified residential boundary, PerfectMind will mark your contact’s profile as a resident when the information has been confirmed by Esri.

We know it can sometimes take 2-3 weeks for the Esri boundaries to be updated, which is why we are giving you total control to fine tune your residential boundaries until the maps have been updated: you can also manually add resident cities and postal codes to the Residency Setup so that PerfectMind will forgo the residential verification with Esri for the contacts within your manual specifications.

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In the last release, we announced our new and fully-customizable integration with Musco Lighting. We’re excited to announce that PerfectMind now works seamlessly with Skylogic as well. PerfectMind automatically calculates the sunset time based on your facility location and allows you to charge fees accordingly. This integration is fully customizable: you can set facility lighting to come into effect at any time before or after sunset, or any time before or after an event start time.

Fees for light extensions are just as flexible – you can choose to bill your customers for the additional lighting or not, and can modify the rates to apply per hour, or charge a flat fee. Any schedule updates or changes are automatically updated to Skylogix’s control panel, and you can manually adjust them if required. The hours of sunset are automatically updated per session, adopting the time changes throughout the year.

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Lisa wants to book your camp groups for three days. You can now charge for that reservation under one single booking with the new daily fee feature: select the number of days under Duration and PerfectMind will charge Lisa for three days, with the daily rate you set. If you wish to charge hourly for a reservation up to 6 hours, you can do so. After the maximum duration of 6 hours, the system will automatically charge Lisa the daily fee. Similar to a hotel booking, if Lisa books the camp groups for 2 and a half days, she will still be charged for the full three days as her booking exceeds the 6-hour time block.

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You can now add extras on a contract, instead of during the time of reservation. You may charge a one-time liquor fee or cleaning fee for a series of bookings. You can now add this fee on Contract Extras, allowing you to charge these fees once, regardless of the number of event occurrences.

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Extras are now included in maintenance reports. Your maintenance staff will see all equipment extras for each event so they can better plan setup for upcoming events. Mark who is setting up a birthday party for 11 a.m. in Room 204 now knows that out of the 50 chairs he needs for the event, 40 were already set up for the prior event from 9 a.m. to 10:30 a.m., so he only needs to bring in 10 extra chairs.

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Your program coordinator can now generate a course report for instructors to sign so they are agreeing to conduct the courses listed with your specified conditions. This new report shows the session details for each course, the pay rate, associated fees, and any disclaimers or fine print.

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Susan the program administrator can now set up a free event without having to assign the event to a GL account. When a new event is created and no fees are selected for the event, the GL Account field is no longer mandatory until fees are specified for the event.

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Custom age groups have been added to the BookMe search feature. Filter events based on your customized age groups during your specified date range: you can now search for all Youth (ages 13-18) events with at least one occurrence from March 12 to 24.

A customer may have purchased a new membership, but the recurring payments may have been paid for by multiple people. If Monica’s gym membership was paid by Mom on January, and Dad in February, your front desk staff can now refund both parents for her membership purchase and print a receipt showing this information.

Your customers can now view the total contract amount for all their facility bookings. A new column has been added under the Facility Contracts section so that your customers can view how much they have paid on each contract.

We’re constantly improving the functionality and usability of the Advanced Reservation module. We’ve added new filter options for dates, moved around the calendar picklist, and improved view settings. As a PerfectMind user, you can now save your pre-selected filters for locations, facility types, and amenities.

As a program supervisor, you need to conduct a monthly evaluation of the performance of courses you are responsible for. You can now filter course revenue reports to only show courses you are in charge of, during a specific date range, so that you can easily evaluate their performance.

The Cash Balance Report can now be filtered by a date and time range: view cash balances over hours, days, or even weeks. We’ve also added a new Summary view in addition to the existing Detail View, which shows the total amount paid based on payment type.

Anna, your accountant, needs to be able to identify payments posted on your GL accounts that were created by terminal transactions, so that she can reconcile the payments against your merchant reports. GL reports now show if the payment was processed via terminal or not, and allow you to easily group the terminal payments together on the report.


Enhancements have been made to online facility booking that make it a more powerful complement to the new POS. The new POS allows a transaction to be paid for by more than one person. Functionality has been added that correctly breaks down the payment amount for each individual making it easier to refund them separately. These amounts are shown on the receipt making it easier to refund joint payments. This fix provides a smoother checkout experience for campground, cabin and similar online bookings.


PerfectMind is an industry-leading member management and facility booking software provider. Its robust Platform as a Service (PaaS) serves organizations of all sizes in parks & recreation, health & wellness, fitness, and education sectors. With over 5,000 customers in 21 countries, PerfectMind streamlines business processes so organizations can focus on supporting and growing their communities.

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